How to Create Dressing Table Chic with Beautiful Accessories

A dressing table is a place for self-expression, personal style and tastes.  We decorate with our favourite luxuries and if dressed with care can play a staring role in our bedrooms.  Use a mixture of storage items and decorative pieces … Continue reading

Create a Delightful ‘Duck Egg’ Easter Bedroom

Yellow is well known as the colour of Easter but a colour also used is Duck Egg Blue.  Not only is its name synonymous with the season, but it’s tone is warm, delicate and full of the softness of Spring.  … Continue reading

A Head Above the Rest – 11 Glamorous Headboards

Historically drapes were used to surround the bed to prevent drafts and cold.  The luxurious fabrics used created a sense of wealth and luxury.  Today we use headboards to create a focal point in our bedrooms.  Headboards are an integral … Continue reading

Share your Dreams – Decorating your Bedroom with Words

Words are powerful.  They express every feeling, emotion and thought.  When you go to sleep, regardless of your day, you want to feel relaxed and ready to end one day and start the the next day afresh.  Wall Art has … Continue reading

11 Fun Storage Ideas to Zest Up Your Bedroom

No matter what the size of your bedroom, the one thing we always wish for more of is storage.  If you have a small room you are always in need of innovative storage solutions.  I don’t know about you but … Continue reading