Dining Chairs

Dining Room & Kitchen Chairs

If you’ve invested in one of our rustic dining tables, you’ll be needing some rustic wooden chairs to match. Our wooden dining room chairs complete the look and put the finishing touch on your statement dining room. Whether you’re gathering around your dining table for a family meal or entertaining friends at a stylish dinner party, our solid wooden chairs give you comfortable yet eye-catching seating that will last a lifetime.

Our wooden dining chairs come in a choice of chunky or slender designs, and you can choose from four different colours, allowing you to tailor your seating to your dining room décor. You could also use them around your kitchen table to create a cosy, country kitchen look in the heart of your home.

Solidly constructed from reclaimed timber, our rustic wooden chairs are lovingly built by hand by our skilled craftsmen. They use their passion and expertise to prepare each piece of wood with extraordinary attention to detail. Traditional mortice and tenon joints are used to hold the chair together, resulting in a piece of furniture that’s both attractive to look at and exceptionally durable.