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10 Beautiful Rustic Bedrooms for a Cosy Night In

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

We have seen such crazy weather lately.  As I am writing this article the windows are being bashed by wind, rain and hale stones.  It is nights like this that we grab our snuggle blankets, light a few candles and sit in front of our fire for a long deserved cosy night in.   I love going to my parents house as they have a log burner.  The sound of the wood crackling in the background and the flame performing it's dance is hypnotising. Our wonderful collection of reclaimed wood beds are perfect for the rustic bedroom look. [caption id="attachment_1530" align="alignnone" width="600"]Grand Loft Bed, Eat Sleep LiveGrand Loft Bed, Eat Sleep Live[/caption] No rustic bedroom is complete without some faux fur for some added luxury.  I couldn't resist these wonderful pieces. Faux Fur Top - Luxury warm white faux fur rug long sheepskin rug, Marmotte Faux Fur Throw Bottom - Treacle Faux Fur Beanbag, Manhattan Silver Faux Fur Cushion 10 Beautiful Rustic Bedrooms for a Cosy Night In 1.

The rustic look works across such a cross section of styles from a traditional North American ranch to contemporary chic.  Fusing together materials such as wood, stone and fur, no matter how 'fake' they are, creates a room which is warm and inviting.  The tip is to keep the colour schemes very simple, whites and naturals work best accented by the rich tones of the faux fur. As the weather crashes around you this Valentines weekend, create your own rustic bedroom and enjoy a cosy night in.

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