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100% Design round-up

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

100PercentDesign_ESL This year the 100% Design event has been better than ever. Over the past couple of years the show has been a little lacklustre so this year an injection of life, energy and excitement was imperative. A particular hit at the show was the solid black entrance tunnel which featured 3D lighting by Shaw & Skerm. The tunnel transported guests into the main hub which allows them to decide which of the four main sections – office, interiors, kitchen and bathrooms and build and eco design.


As well as the four main sections off the central hub there were many fascinating, educational lectures based around this year’s theme of ‘future living’. The seminars were conducted by leading industry professionals and included topics such as ‘The Future of Retail’. Cocksedge_ESL The star of the show – where the seminars were concerned – was definitely the design of the seminar hub itself. The auditorium was designed by London-based design studio Paul Cocksedge this year, who managed to create an area that was ‘both visible and invisible’. Rather than blocking the seminars off from those not in attendance, Cocksedge decided to avoid the thick ‘walls within walls’ usually seen at exhibition centres and created a structure that existed to the people inside the hub but was barely visible to those outside. The structure itself was made from carefully and strategically placed 0.25mm thick nylon wire which created a structure that can’t be seen out of from the inside but is barely visible from those outside of the area. This effectively meant that everything going on inside can be observed and heard by attendees in the main arena.


100% Design’s interior section turned up a few head-turners, including a particularly ingenious creation by VM Design (a.k.a furniture designer Victor Monserrate) which took the form of a futuristic yet functional wireframe chair that appeared to have been fashioned from candle wax. VMDesign_ESL It was Simon Woodroffe - founder of the YO! Brand including YO! Sushi, YO! Hotel and now YO! Home – that garnered the most attention here though. With his latest YO! Spin-off, Woodroffe wanted to show how a number of rooms can be created in one, moderately sized space as life moves more and more towards city living where space is limited.


The result? A bedroom where the bed rises to unveil a sunken living room and a kitchen that’s hidden behind cupboards. Insane, but absolutely brilliant. If you didn’t get chance to attend, you can check out some of what went on over at creativeboom and at 100% Design’s official website.

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