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4 Trends for You to Eat Sleep Live in 2016

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

As the season of celebrations continues we will very shortly be welcoming in a New Year.  A New Year brings hopes and dreams, we set ourselves goals, whether it be a resolution, a wish or a desire.  We look at a New Year as a blank canvas, it is a clean slate ready for us to explore and paint in any way we want.  With each New Year new trends arise on fashion, design and lifestyle, there is no better time to add a goal, you could possibly refresh a room or two in your home, even if it's just through colour. 1. A touch of gold Dulux has recently launched their 2016 Colour Trend Research that has been put together by a group of global international experts and trend watchers.  Their 2016 palette they describe as "muted and sophisticated palette which centres on soft mid tone shades."  Although bold colours are still very important, they go on to say they have chosen interesting tones and moved away from primary colours.  Amidst this warm and seductive palette is their eagerly awaited Colour of the Year 2016.  We have seen signs that their colour of the year has been growing in popularity over the last couple of years, with many designers adding it to their collections.  Cherished Gold is a beautiful shade, "Still bright enough to attract attention while also subtly referring to the past and the colour of the earth, it also combines well with other tones."  Cherished Gold is a colour that can be used where you Eat Sleep Live, its subtlety and heritage feel mean it works well as a feature or accent shade for walls or even accessories. cf-2016-colours-of-the-year-section-one2. What will we be eating? In 2015, we loved avocado, lots of spirals and let's not to forget the panic at the potential lack of Prosecco, but what food trends can we expect to be indulging in during 2016.  There will also be a gold in our food as The Golden Berry also known as the Peruvian berry is set to be the next superfood.  What better way to honour Rio Olympics than with Brazillian food, think BBQ spicy chicken, meat on skewers seasoned with regional spices and served with rice. Churrasco_carioca Enjoy these delicious Brazilian flavours sat at one of our equally tasty dining tables from our Prestigue Collection. [caption id="attachment_6367" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Prestige Dining Table from £1,680.00Prestige Dining Table from £1,680.00[/caption] 3. How we will get a better sleep The growing rise in wearable tech can not be ignored.  Our passion for monitoring our fitness has seen a range of products such as Fitbit and Jawbone gracing our High Streets and our arms.  One of my friends had one of these devices for Christmas the Jawbone UP3™, the reason he wanted this was to monitor his sleep.  I was surprised to discover that not only does it track your sleep state, whether it is dreaming, light or deep, but it also gives you tips on getting a better night sleep.  There's a variety of sleep trackers some wearable others not, but you will be fascinated by the information you receive on your sleep and with technologies help you to could be enjoying a better night's sleep in 2016. [caption id="attachment_6371" align="aligncenter" width="672"]Grand Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bed With Low End, from £990.00Grand Rustic Reclaimed Wood Bed With Low End, from £990.00[/caption] 4. The must see destinations to 'Live' in 2016 Living is all about the experiences we have and the memories we make, and travelling to discover new cities and countries is not only magical but it's also the way to 'Live' in 2016.  But where should you go?  According to the Lonely Planet their top ten countries to visit are Botswana, Japan, USA, Palau, Latvia, Australia, Poland, Uruguay, Greenland and Fiji.  Botswana is the Lonely Planet's top destination and they describe it as "invigoratingly wild", it is also renowned for having the largest diamond mine in the world, offering luxury safari's and in 2016 Botswana celebrates its 50th year of independence. botswana-693439_960_720 Make sure your 2016 is on trend by adding a touch of gold, indulging in an array of delicious flavours from Rio, monitor your sleep and discover new lands.  May we wish your New Year be full of Eat Sleep Live.

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