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5 Awesome Tips for Renovating your Home

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

There’s no place like home - Dorothy had never been so right! Your home is your humble abode, your sanctuary, a place of comfort and warmth - so why not fill it with things that magnify those feelings of tranquility? Enhance your space and create a living area that explodes with charisma, encapsulates your personality and advocates exactly what Dorothy claimed - that there is no place like it. As a home owner it’s your prerogative to renovate a space that brings all of these whimsical elements together under one roof (excuse the pun). Renovating a property or even just one room, takes a lot of committed time and planning to make sure the transformation runs smoothly. You have to consider the facts, stats, measurements, fittings, fabrics, materials, tools, finances etc. But of course, that’s the boring bit (unless numbers and data are your calling, whatever floats your boat). The fun part is devising the set pieces to fill the interior with! Your house is merely bricks and mortar, but much like the old time cliche of beauty; what counts is what is on the inside. The furnishings, the colours, the spacial awareness, the silhouettes, the lighting, the walls, the floors, the accessories, the character. A home is all about it’s charm - Cinderella’s castle certainly didn’t settle for anything less than absolute magical magnitude - and neither should you. Eat Sleep Live harness the power to bring reclaimed wood furniture back from the fiery pits of the underworld and resurrect them in a new and enlightening way. Simply put, we up-cycle British reclaimed wood into beautifully new, rustic pieces of furniture for you to enchant your living spaces with. Each one of our pieces has a story - a historical context and past life; the perfect way to begin walking tours of your home to guests, the perfect places to begin decorating with alternative artefacts, the perfect pieces to sooth your soul and surround you with a calming heritage. Something as simple as a rejuvenated study desk could fill the air with new, desirable vibes - so what are you waiting for? Begin your mind mapping here with our top 5 tips for home renovation. Pull your chair up to the table and read closely…

What a lot of people misunderstand when renovating their homes, is spacial awareness. Knocking down all your interior walls to create an open plan living space may seem like a beneficially ‘modern’ idea, but what your home will then lack is the pleasure of privacy. Knocking one wall down perhaps between your dining and living area is a good option to let in more light and create a communal area for the family to spend time together. However, keeping a room with four walls and a door as a study is just as beneficial, so that the busy bodies can have some quiet time sorting through emails! gffgdfg
A lick of paint is the simplest form of uplifting a room’s newness; neutral palettes will compliment any accessory colour scheme which you can change at any point in the future. Funky pillows, rebranded door knobs, personalised wall plaques, statement clocks, wall transfers, pretty place settings etc… there are thousands of ways to add in details to your home! [#i[#';'
Want to add your own twist or touch to the home? Under floor heating, LED lights, smart phone control automation, music and sound systems, even a door bell that chimes your favourite tune - add in something functional that will make you smile! vysnivany-dom-11  
With minimalism still at the height of trend-led interior design it’s wise to consider adding some secret spaces into your home. A hidden kitchen pantry to house all your non-worktop friendly appliances, an alcove under the stairs to hang coats and shoes, a sneaky shelf above the bathroom door to stack spare towels etc. Keeping all your necessary but aesthetically unappealing items handy but tucked away creating a clean clutter-free space. Or even just put in a door disguised as a bookcase for a little Harry Potter style magic… AD-UnderStairsStorage  
Ever considered using an object for a different purpose than it was intended? Similarly to how we re-use our reclaimed wood, you can find objects in your home and rebrand them with a new purpose. Take an old guitar, cut it in half lengthways, add in shelves and hey presto, you’ve got a funky new wall unit! Or similarly use some cheap utensils to spice up the mood lighting… ukukuk

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