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5 Living Room Design Ideas for 2016

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Sometimes you know you need a change, but it can be hard obtaining that push of motivation to make such big changes in ones routine and comforted life. You come home from work and take in your surroundings - warmth, shelter, safety… All basic features of our castles of solace. But do you feel enthralled? Do you feel empowered? Do you feel artistically driven? Your home should be a mirror of your innovative mind, a studio for your creativity and a tranquil place for peace and mindfulness. It should be so much more than four walls and a window. Want that edge? Want that nudge? Then here is a host of awesome living room design ideas sure to inspire your inner interior designer! Time to roll your sleeves up and saddle into your tool belt… 1. Rustic Furniture 6 Well we couldn’t write an article without it could we? Besides, rustic furniture  is timeless for any home, office or living space. Creating an airy, authentic feel to a living area, reclaimed wood is a great material for utilising to make iconic pieces of vintage looking furniture. Doors, beams, tables, desks, chairs, stools, storage, book cases, mirrors, frames, fixtures etc. - as a feature floor or as a simple cabinet; reclaimed wood can balance a modern looking room with an antiqued charm. 2. Prints and Patterns 7 Mixing multiple quirky prints might seem a little garish but when using neutral tones and geometric patterns, it can create a dynamic and artsy looking space full of character. Sticking to a simple yet complimentary colour palette is key in making this look work - monochrome is classic and pastels are subtle yet pretty to the wandering eye. Try an illusional framed print above a plain canvas sofa adorned by zig-zag embroidered cushions and throws - the contrast of the heavy patterns create a buzz whereas the neutral furniture keeps the palette balanced and adds the feel of space. 3. Art 8 Fill your space with large paintings, tight grid frames and vibrant colours! This is such a cheap way to draw attention to a feature wall or to add colour to a neutral looking space. Your framed images can be easily changed/updated and frames can simply be bought from charity shops and markets - the more diverse the better! Create drama, create theatrics - and they make good talking points for guests! 4.  Outdoor and Indoor 9 Humans instinctively thrive off Mother Nature and with our busy modern lives it sometimes feels like we take our greens for granted. Involving plants (I guess fake ones count too, if you’re that type to forget they need watering) in our indoor spaces is one of the most quintessential parts in Feng Shui; bringing outdoor elements inside helps balance our minds and awakens our senses. Studies have suggested natures absence distresses us. 5. Exotic Elements 10 Think citrus! Lemon, lime, orange - imagine you’re making a fruity punch and let it be summer all year long! This look is perfect for a summer house or conservatory.

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