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5 Reasons why Reclaimed Furniture Trumps Flat Packs

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Sure, flat pack furniture is ideal for when you’re a student moving into campus accommodation and it’s your first time without your parents’ assistance - the instructions are straight forward, it’s all cheap, cheerful and lightweight - and most importantly it is easily replaceable if it happens to be on the receiving end of a drunken mistake (it’s ok students, we know what goes on). BUT if you are settling down into the home of your dreams, looking to build a lasting, sustainable life, then flat packs should be the most avoided two-syllable word in your search bar. At Eat Sleep Live, we advocate nothing other than our beautiful, authentic, reclaimed wood furniture. There are so many reasons that whilst a trip to Ikea may be fun, the quick-to-assemble knock-off furniture they provide is not built for life time purposes - nor can they withstand the chaos and wear of everyday activities. Reclaimed wood furniture is an investment, but with it you are owning a part of this wonderful natural world in the solitude of your own home - each individual marking, each imprint and notch, each ridge and discoloured patch has a story to tell. If you still need a little nudging to convince you, take a look at our top 5 reasons why reclaimed furniture totally trumps cheap flat packs… 1. Our reclaimed wood furniture is bespoke Each piece is handcrafted uniquely with lumber sourced from historical British buildings and put together by the magical hands of our talented craftsmen. Our wood is naturally obtained and so it’s exclusive appearance is one of its finest qualities - however the wood can be polished, painted and waxed if you so wish to give it an alternative finish. 1-12. Reclaimed wood is environmentally friendly. Because we reuse wood that has already been chopped down, we remove ourselves completely from the process of deforestation - a topic we are extremely passionate about. The objective of our company is to not only provide outstanding service and quality products, but to raise awareness for our planets trees - most wood manufacturers are heavily connected in destroying our world’s greenery and contributing to global warming through their excess use of fossil fuels; gathering, transporting and processing virgin wood.2-13. Most self-assembly packs are made of chipboard. Chipboard is produced by binding wood chipping and shavings together with a resin to form a dense alternative to solid wood. Chipboard is of course cheaper to produce than authentic wood, but it can be badly affected by moisture so needs to be sealed to avoid distortion. Solid reclaimed wood is generally taken from strong wooden beams in old farms, warehouses and homes making it a far more effective choice for furniture you want to live beyond your generation. 3-14. There is incredible variety with reclaimed wood. Going back to markings and colours, imprints and etchings - reclaimed wood has a whole history in its veins, whereas flat pack furniture has to be simplified in appearance and function as much as possible, to make it easy for the buyer to put together. This limits what you can do with flat packs, and though there is sufficient variety, it simply doesn’t put a scratch on what possibilities reclaimed handcrafted wood has. 4-15. Flat packs are more fragile than solid wood. Dismantling and rebuilding flat pack furniture can affect its sufficiency and durability. Generally more sensitive to the elements and pressures of its uses, flat pack furniture isn’t as strong as authentic wood - and of course, you can still make rookie errors whilst building that may cause damage or stability impediments. 5

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