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5 must-have summer garden gadgets

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Nowadays people rely on gadgets each and every day, they have become so important that they are now a common staple around people’s homes and, believe it or not, in their gardens too. In fact, gadgets have become such a common part of our lives that the majority of us don’t even realise when we’re using them. Most people for example wouldn’t regard their television remote control as a gadget because they’ve been around for years. This is a common misconception when you mention gadgets because people automatically assume that you mean a new innovative design when in fact it could be something as commonplace as a TV remote. When it comes to the garden though people seem to forget that this can be a hip and cool area too so if you head out into most gardens there won’t be a gadget in sight. It’s pretty easy to put this right though because with these five must have summer garden gadgets your garden will be the coolest on the street. Trake If you’re a keen gardener then you’ll almost always have a trowel and a rake on hand when you’re digging up weeds and planting a selection of new plants. However, rakes are generally not overly practical if the area you’re covering is only small so a trake could be perfect for you. Rather than lugging a huge rake around with you and manoeuvring it through your flower beds use a trake – a rake and a trowel in one – and you’ll no longer have to get down on your hands and knees because of its great mid-sized convenience. Solar Powered Lawn Mower If you like to keep your garden looking prim and proper then you’ll no doubt get the lawn mower out on a regular basis and you’ll understand the disadvantages of having such a perfect lawn. Although it’s pricey (extremely in fact) this tidy invention does offer an alternative to the monotony of walking up and down in straight lines for what can be hours if you have a large garden. Husqvarna‘s Automower is solar powered, gives out zero emissions and mows your lawn for you without you being there to supervise. The mower can be solar powered so on sunny days ten hours of sunlight will allow it to mow a quarter of an acre of lawn and as soon as it gets low on charge it will automatically go to its electronic charging station so that it can fully charge. All you have to do to make this amazing gadget work its magic is install a low lying wire to the perimeter of your lawn so that it can detect its boundaries. Solar Lights If your garden always looks great and is the centre of all visitor’s attraction then the likelihood is that you want all of your hard work to be on display for as long as possible. Solar lights are a simple and effective way to do this as they’re available in a variety of colours and don’t do any harm to the environment. You can get hold of garden solar lights in almost any gardening and D.I.Y store and place them around your garden as you wish. They will charge naturally off the sun’s light throughout the day and as soon as it goes dark you’ll be able to see them at work lighting up your favourite parts of the garden. Furniture Garden furniture is essential but think past the usual wooden table and chair set and go for something that makes a statement like an egg chair. Egg chairs are amazingly comfortable, available in some great colours and you don’t have to go through the rigmarole of bringing the cushions inside every evening, instead you can just close the lid and have a lovely bright egg or pod in your garden until the next time the sun’s out when all you need to do is lift the lid and enjoy a comfy, spacious cushioned seat with no effort at all. Inflatable Slide Whether you’re lucky enough to have a pool in your garden or you make do with an inflatable there comes a time over the summer months when the pool itself no longer provides enough excitement or entertainment so why not get an inflatable slide to play on too? With an inflatable slide you can be pretty sure your children won’t get hurt and they’ll have hours of fun doing something other than swimming up and down the pool. When the kids are safely tucked up in bed there’s no reason why you can’t have your fair share of fun either.

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