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5 Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood Furniture into your Summer Decor

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Changing your home decor seasonally is one of those countdown worthy activities for those who love design! Having a home with a neutral foundation (white walls, cream carpets, stone tiles, earthy palettes etc.) is a great way to set up your humble abode for a riveting future of interchangeable looks. From sourcing warmth and comfort in Winter with furry throws, rich colours and cinnamon scented candles, to revitalisation in the Summer months with citrus palettes, white linen and freshly cut flowers! Our reclaimed wood furniture make beautifully rustic additions to your rooms all year long, with their natural auras, historical contexts and handcrafted, artisan fixtures, they are the building blocks to creating an interchangeable home. Because of our furnitures durability they are perfect for any family home (wear and tear is inevitable and certainly not a problem for our authentic wood!) or for sprucing up apartments, offices, interiors and even exteriors. The reclaimed wood furniture in its essence is a staple for any room; dress it up with opulent ornaments, table runners, vintage candelabras, table lamps etc. Options are endless, but if you’re looking for a little interior design inspiration we have listed 5 ways to incorporate your reclaimed wood beauty into new, enlightening decor specifically for the coming seasons of sun!

  1. Turn your dining room or living area into a cottage delight - add reclaimed wood tables and chairs with nautical cushions, ottoman style blinds and white washes to create an authentic and slightly exotic vibe. This look is extremely achievable and easy to create using natural fabrics, sustainable cloths and recycled glass to add elements of mother nature!
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  1. We love eclectic style decor, it’s colourful, it’s fun and it’s absolutely otherworldly! Pick up beautiful stained glass bottles from thrift stores and adorn your reclaimed furniture with indoor plants, woven baskets, scented candles and infusion sticks! It’ll add something ethereal to the air and create a space that’ll open up your creative psyche.
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  1. Summer is all about the great outdoors! So what better way to showcase your furniture than to take it directly under the elements? Create a canopy or build decking out of your wood, style it with a reclaimed wood coffee table or add benches with throws and pillows to create a bohemian vibe. If you choose to have reclaimed wood furniture outside, it needs to be treated with the correct protective preservatives, oils or lacquer etc to ensure that it doesn't get ruined in the elements. With our furniture, we say that it can be taken outside but brought back in again the same day.
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  1. Want the full bohemian vibe indoors? Bask in woven treasures and ethnic rugs, embellish with plants and global trinkets, abstract artwork and ottoman chairs. It’ll fill your room with items and artefacts that bring you joy and happiness!
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  1. If you want something simple and understated just for your hallway or against a wall that isn’t your feature, why not opt for our stunning Qube Console Table? Add a couple of personal belongings to uniquely incorporate the piece into your space.esl 5

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