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9 Reasons Not to Hibernate this Christmas

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

With only a couple of sleeps to go before the big day, for many of us, it's a time when we start to hibernate. Friends of ours never leave the house on Christmas day, enjoying the time in their Pj's and shutting out the world outside. This will be our first Christmas together as a married couple and I can't wait to spend some precious time with Leah. But unlike our friends we love to get some fresh air, there is nothing better, after eating way more than we should of our Christmas dinner, taking a long walk. The weather determines where we go; we are guessing this Christmas will be very wet so waterproofs are going to be a must. It is easy to hibernate over Christmas but we have 9 reasons why we think getting outside is just what you need. 1. Now crushing allowed Boxing Day is typically when the festive sales start. Even though I am in retail, I am not a fan our going shopping during the sales. All that pushing and shoving, people who have the festive spirit of Scrooge and being crushed just trying to get into a store I mean what's not to like? So instead of walking round the shops why not take a stroll down a country line and take in the magical scenery that surrounds you. 2. Wonderland In most major cities you will find a version of a Winter Wonderland. Indulging in Ice Skating, scream on the fast and high rides and savour the taste of the season with the many food and drink stalls. Keep the festive spirit alive, whilst having a fun day out that the whole family cab enjoy. ice-skating-235542_960_7203. Feel the Force Ok so going to the cinema is kind of indoors, but the fact you are leaving the comfort of your home is only a good thing. The country is going mad for the new Star Wars film, yes we have seen it but I won't ruin it for you. 4. Treat yourself After all that indulging and over eating what better way than to prepare for the New Year than treating yourself to a detox and a pamper. Yes, Father Christmas may have given you everything that you had wished for, but this is a treat from you to you. Take a friend or maybe treat a member of you family. wellness-285587_960_7205. Something for free When is the last time you took advantage of one of the many free museums and galleries on your doorstep? Not only will you be fascinated by what awaits you but you will also be walking over all those chocolates you ate on Christmas Day. We like to visit the Museum of Natural Life, designing furniture for today, it is great to be inspired by how we lived in the past, there is a £2.50 charge but it is worth it. 6. Give back Do something good for something else, whether it is spending an hour with a person who lives on their own. Offer your time to a local charity or simply, as seen in the Coop Christmas advert, buy a bag of shopping or cook a meal for a neighbour who may be struggling. 7. Start early Many of us start the New Year with a fitness regime; we join a gym and even go on a diet. Why not kick start your New Year early and time the time between Christmas and New Year to start to get rid of a few pounds before your next celebrations start. gym-1040977_960_7208. Play outside If you have kids, they may have a new bike or scooter for Christmas, you may have had one too! Make sure you allow them to get outside and simply play, Christmas is about making memories and you don’t want to miss a single moment. 9. Eat Sleep Live We love the Great Outdoors so much, but we also want you to have Great Indoors in 2016. Using the best-reclaimed wood we can find, we create furniture which brings the best of the outdoors in. Whether you are looking for an eye-catching signature piece or a stunning new collection for your home, make the indoors something truly special with our unique furniture.

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