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A Post from Padstow, Treasures on your Doorstep

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

I am writing this today from a beautiful campsite close to Padstow in Cornwall. Padstow is known for its beauty, world class food and of course its harbour and sea side location. The natural picturesque habour has had an important role from as early as 2,500 BC when it linked Brittany to Ireland. Timber, fish sale, copper, tin, slate and more were common place within the Middle ages when the harbour developed into a trading port. One of the most popular dishes for tourists is the fish and chips, eager to taste the iconic dish with fresh fish caught in the local waters, they flock to the many eateries and restaurants including that of the decorated chief, Rick Stein. At Eat Sleep Live we have a real affinity with coastal towns, as they also value and treasure the resources that they have on their doorstep, reusing materials to fix, transform and decorate their homes and community. We love seeing their ethical use of reclaimed wood as in a world which is very wasteful all too often it can be discarded. This matches our passion for creating beautiful pieces of furniture from this precious material. If you have not been to Padstow, or would like to remember this stunning part of the world then 'A picture is worth a thousand words' or a work of art. As you walk through the beautiful Cornish streets there are a selection of art galleries displaying wonderful collections from local artists. We can't all afford an original print but maybe we can have our own slice of Padstow with one of these prints. Produced by Devon artist Becky Bettesworth this vintage style seaside poster would work in any contemporary home. [caption id="attachment_5976" align="aligncenter" width="558"]Padstow Vintage Style Seaside Poster, Not on the High Street £15.00 Padstow Vintage Style Seaside Poster, Not on the High Street £15.00[/caption] Designed to capture the very essence of the British seaside is The Island Inn print from South coast artist Ron Moody. [caption id="attachment_5970" align="aligncenter" width="620"]The Island Inn Print, Coastal Home £38.00 The Island Inn Print, Coastal Home £38.00[/caption] Another nod to the past is this print by Dave Thompson, his modern interpretation of traditional travel posters from the 1930s and features the historic Padstow Quay. [caption id="attachment_5969" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Padstow Quay Framed, Whistlefish £65.00 Padstow Quay Framed, Whistlefish £65.00[/caption] Or maybe you prefer something hand-drawn you will love this stunning print of this picturesque Cornish harbour by Simon Harmer. [caption id="attachment_5975" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Padstow Harbour Signed Print, Not on the High Street £19.50 Padstow Harbour Signed Print, Not on the High Street £19.50[/caption] Padstow is full of colour with the spectrum of blues from the sky to the sea and everything in between.  The nautical tradition of this seaside town is brought to life in this fresh looking duvet set with yacht design. [caption id="attachment_5977" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Catherine Lansfield Padstow Nautical Duvet Set, Chica Home £11.97 Catherine Lansfield Padstow Nautical Duvet Set, Chica Home £11.97[/caption] We can just imagine this decorating one of our dining tables when you set down to family breakfast, or bursting with your favourite blooms to brighten your kitchen. [caption id="attachment_5971" align="aligncenter" width="589"]Cornish Coast Pint Jug, Coastal Home £20.00 Cornish Coast Pint Jug, Coastal Home £20.00[/caption] Continuing our nautical theme is this simple yet elegant tea towel.  Yes, not the most dynamic of home accessories but it's beauty comes from its simplicity in design, what's more it's even handmade in Cornwall. [caption id="attachment_5978" align="aligncenter" width="506"]Coastal Home, Stockwell Ceramics £7.00 Coastal Home, Stockwell Ceramics £7.00[/caption] From on the waves to below them.  When you wander the habour you will see the walls filled with families fishing for crabs.  This fun moment is captured in this cobalt blue cushion. [caption id="attachment_5973" align="aligncenter" width="531"]Cobalt Blue Crab Cushion, Jan Constantine £75.00 Cobalt Blue Crab Cushion, Jan Constantine £75.00[/caption] Seafood is celebrated throughout Padstow with such a variety of delicacies on offer from the many restaurants or harbourside food vans.  But if the thought of seafood does not tickle your tastebuds then maybe you would prefer to brighten up your morning cuppa with this memorable hand drawn mug.  Featuring a characteristic and iconic Octopus, floating its way whilst stretching its tentacles, you have your own interpretation of the taste of the ocean. [caption id="attachment_5972" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Cream Cornwall Maritime Mug Octopus, Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous £10.00 Cream Cornwall Maritime Mug Octopus, Gift Wrapped & Gorgeous £10.00[/caption] Whilst my family and I continue to enjoy the incredible scenery, delicious delights and very important sand castle building.  Why not take a moment to discover what amazing creations we can make from someone's unwanted wood.  One man's trash is certainly our treasure and it could also soon be yours!  Make sure you seek the treasures on your doorstep.    

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