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Antique vs. Reclaimed Wooden Furniture

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Reclaimed wood console tableReclaimed wooden furniture, just like antique furniture, always has a story to tell even though it might not give up its secrets easily. Reclaimed wood is taken from old buildings that are due to be demolished such as churches, schools and barns and is then lovingly crafted into new furniture. There are a number of pros and cons to both antique and reclaimed wooden furniture. Antique furniture is immersed in history and this is what the collectors love. Wandering around antique shops on a Saturday afternoon is a popular hobby as people aim to discover a piece of furniture that has been affectionately created and has a story behind it. The craftsmanship and the history are just two of the benefits that come with purchasing antique furniture, others include the fact that many antique pieces will continue to rise in value, so you can be sure that you’ve got a piece that’s worth holding on to. Owning an antique also means that you own an original item and although there have been many furniture styles that have been copied over the years, there’s nothing quite like owning an antique. However, although you’ll be the owner of an original piece of furniture you will also have to think about the maintenance and practicality. Antique furniture needs to be cleaned and cared for in a certain way if you want it to hold or even rise in value and keeping up with the regular maintenance can become quite costly. Because antique furniture needs to be so carefully looked after you’ll also have to consider whether your home is really suitable for such a piece of furniture. A busy household where people are constantly coming and going or a home with young children may not be practical as you need to be careful not to scratch or spill anything on antique wood for fear that it cannot be repaired. Reclaimed wooden furniture on the other hand has become increasingly popular because it has the style, the great craftsmanship and the history of an antique without the danger of it being irreplaceable. Reclaimed wooden furniture manufacturers use only the best quality wood to create individual pieces to suit any household. Some people have reservations about buying reclaimed wooden furniture because of the age of the wood – generally older than 100 years – but it’s condition and durability is not any less than newly cut wood. In fact with reclaimed wooden furniture you’re likely to be getting a much higher quality product because it has already been exposed to such a variety of conditions means that it’s actually much sturdier than new wood. Reclaimed wooden furniture has become hugely popular over the last few years due to a number of reasons notwithstanding the fact that it has a number of environmental benefits. When producing this type of furniture not a single tree is cut down as all the wood is claimed from buildings and structures that are scheduled for demolition, meaning that pressure is taken off landfill sites too. Eat Sleep Live hand make every piece of furniture that they sell with wood that’s between 100 and 200 years old so you will receive a piece that’s as original and unique as an antique without the need for constant maintenance or protection.

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