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The Art of Using Colour in Your Home

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

[caption id="attachment_3375" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Coulourful rustic interior Colourful rustic interior (source)[/caption] I love colour in a home, I think it adds personality and character. But how can you get the balance right so it is not overbearing? I decided to ask multi-award winning interior design company Suna Interior Design, about the art of using colour in your home. I have known Suna Interior Design for a few years and they are never afraid of using colour in their designs. I managed to chat with Rebecca Tucker, one of the company directors, to get us a few tricks of the trade. You love bold colours in your designs, why? Colour creates a statement, especially bold colours which bring life into a design and are one of the design factors that create a wow factor. When working on show homes for developers it is one way to make their product memorable What is your best tip when choosing colour for a room? Choose your favourite colour and don’t be afraid if it’s too dark or bright. It is always possible to use a colour in a room, despite the size of the room, for a smaller room you may have to scale down the amount used. Whereas in a bigger room it may be possible to bring in more of the colour, whether it be bright or dark. Lighting is the key to working with your colour choice and enhancing it. Are there any rules when using colour in interior design? There is a natural balance of colour as seen on the colour wheel such as blue and orange but using a single colour with a warm natural neutral works well. Grey has become the new neutral and provides a modern contrast to allow the feature colour to have more impact. What types of colours work best together? For a more sophisticated look we’d recommend using a more neutral base and colours within the same range in the design. For a punchier look use a neutral palette and then chose one colour to be your feature colour (such as the mustard yellow in the monochrome design in the image below). This creates an eye-catching feature within the design and is more subtle than a whole wall of colour. Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 1 When should you use muted tones rather than bold shades? This will depend on your design. Muted tones work well to create a subtle, more sophisticated look. The use of strong colour can feel more youthful so when designing a more grown up interior we tend to downplay intense feature colours. Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 2 What colour trends have you seen this year? Metallics continue to make themselves felt with all shades of gold, rose gold, silver and bronze being very popular. Shades of blue, white, grey, green and coral pinks have also been popular, brighter in the warmer months and more muted in the cooler months. What colour trends do you think will emerge next year? I think patterned colour will continue to make an impact, be it horticultural, geometric, tribal or abstract styles. These formats all allow for a variety of use of colour, be it bold and bright or more muted and subtle. What is your favourite colour to use in a design and why? We like to look at each design and choose a colour that will best work within that design. It’s impossible to have a favourite as styles and trends change daily. Thank you so much Rebecca for taking the time to talk to us, but before we finish what have been your favourite designs for where you Eat Sleep Live Eat We’re really thrilled with the both the white kitchen design that we did for London Square Fulham and the black kitchen design we did for The Filaments Penthouse in Wandsworth. This shows how there is never one solution as these designs are so different but successful in different ways. Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 3 Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 4 Sleep Reiterating that there is never just one solution, with something for everyone, for example the young and funky bedroom (on the top) for a design in Brighton and a sophisticated look for a bedroom in Mayfair (on the bottom). Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 5 Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 6 Live This living room design combines a subtle colour palette with metallic to create a stylish and intriguing space. Suna Interior Design - The Art of using Colour in your Home 7

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