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14 Reasons Why we Love the Best of the Great Outdoors

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Magic fills the air as we notice our children's faces light up as they see Santa, their delight at the array of Christmas lights and their joy of the numerous traditions this season brings. As I sit writing this the lights from our Christmas tree make the room feel so festive and cosy, there is nothing like a Christmas tree to make a house feel like a home. I believe that when looking for property, many people imagine a Christmas tree in the houses they are viewing, and if the tree fits as they say. I can't imagine not having a Christmas tree and it's hard to believe that this Christmas tradition is relatively new. Victoria_and_Albert_Christmas_tree The Christmas tree tradition has been credited to 16th Century Germany when Christians decorated trees to bring into their homes. It is often thought that Queen Victoria and Prince Albert introduced the tradition to England but, in fact, it was an earlier royal, Queen Charlotte, the German wife of George III. Knowing how crazy the US goes for the holidays, it's funny to learn that in the 19th century Christmas trees were seen as an oddity by most Americans.

  1. Before the birth of Christ to celebrate the winter season evergreen trees were used.
  2. The first documented reference to Christmas trees was in Germany in 1531
  3. The renowned 16th Century monk, Martin Luther, to give the sense of stars in a forest, he added candles to his tree. It is thought this evolved into Christmas tree lights.
  4. As early as 1880 manufactured Christmas tree ornaments were for sale on the shelves of Woolworths.
  5. In the USA the commercial selling of Christmas trees began around 1850.
  6. Said to be the UK's tallest Christmas Tree, was planted in Wakehurst Place, Sussex in 1890. The 110ft tall redwood tree was first decorated 23 years ago.
  7. Our tree is dwarfed by the massive 221ft Douglas fir tree which was erected in Seattle, Washington in December 1950. It has since been described as the world's tallest cut Christmas Tree. 9272816160_456aef6fc0_o
  8. I hope you're watering your Christmas trees as did you know that during the first week in your home it will consume 2 pints of water a day.
  9. An unusual tradition, in Northern Europe about 1000 years ago, Christmas trees were hung upside down from chandeliers!
  10. Did you know that during the Christmas season in the UK, over 8 million Christmas trees are sold?
  11. Are you feeling peckish? Don't worry about running out of food and at one of your Christmas parties as did you know that you can eat many parts of your Christmas tree! The needles are a good source of vitamin C.
  12. How much have you spent decorating your Christmas tree? Yves Piaget spent £10.4 million decorating his Christmas tree with 83 exquisite pieces of jewellery in Tokyo.
  13. What does the popular TV show 'I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here' and your real Christmas Tree have in common? about 30,000 bugs and insects.
  14. The first artificial tree was made in Germany with duck feathers.
No matter whether your Christmas tree is the tallest, the tastiest or the oldest, their scent is magical. I like nothing better in the winter than going for a walk in the countryside. Being surrounded by wood and seeing trees in their natural state clears my mind and invigorates my creative imagination, it is often where I get some of my best ideas, which is why we named our winter promotion The Great Outdoors. After a walk in the great outdoors there is nothing better than opening the door to your cosy home all ready for you to curl up with a good book, sit and enjoy a meal with your family and friends or curl up for a festive movie. fir-tree-984011_960_720 Our rustic furniture is handmade from solid reclaimed wood by our artisan craftsmen and we are sure it will give you the perfect reason to enjoy The Great Indoors! This is why, if you order before the 22nd December, we are offering you a warming gift – from us to you, to make your winter unforgettable. Bring the best of the great outdoors indoors and celebrate one of our cherish traditions, the Christmas Tree.

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