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The Bold, The Brash and The Beauty - Quirky Wallpaper Inspiration

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

As the seasons change, their circular timeline repeats year after year.  Trends come and go and some fashions repeat and evolve onto the worlds stage.  Although I think we all wish some of the fashions of our teenage years (including hair do's) stay locked in a volt never to be seen again.

Let's Get Retro

Brash wallpaper was common place in the 1970's, with it's geometric patterns, large flowers and bold colours.  For years we have mocked our bad 70's taste, joked how we will never go there again, but low and behold the 70's wallpaper is back.  Some even calling it sexy and stylish, this new evolved retro wallpaper has the same bumptious patterns with a little panache. Parris Wakefield Additions Wallpaper Collection. Garden, Marthe and Bliss How fun are these wallpapers from the Parris Wakefield Additions Collection. Bold Patterns Three very bold designs that are perfect for any statement wall. Wundt Wallpaper by Quirk and Rescue Digitally printed wallpaper inspired by 19th century optical illusions. Green Flutterby wallpaper by Purldeco Created using real images of butterflies, and is bespoke printed self adhesive wallpaper, made to the customer's exact measurements. Red Tartan by Digetex Home Fabulous wallpaper panel featuring a traditional Tartan, rescaled and coloured in a traditional red and blue.

Let's Go Wild

There is an abundance of collections featuring beautiful and delicate wallpapers with woodland creatures and birds .  But in this Bold and Brash 2014 the bigger the animal is on the paper the better.  I just hope you don't mind another pair of eyes watching HOO! Bold and Big Animal Wallpaper Cole & Son Nottambule Frieze Wallpaper, John Lewis Sanderson Omega Cats Wallpaper, John Lewis Toucan Wallpaper by

Let's Go Collage

Do you remember making collages?  Tissue paper, magazines, glue and anything else you found lying around.  Many companies are using the collage effect with a vintage twist to produce elegant and beautiful wallpapers that you will never tire of. The Vintage Collage Collection PiP Studio Sweet Memories Wall Mural, John Lewis Vintage Random Postcard Wallpaper by Purl Frost Vintage Multi Map Panel by Vintage boat stamps wallpaper by Purldeco

Let's Go Objects

Everyday objects are also being featured in wallpaper designs.  From brick work to utensils, there seems to be nothing off limits. Wallpaper creatively using objectsBirdhouse Wallpaper, Shop on your Doorstep This beautiful wallpaper is filled with sweet birdhouses and elegant little birds on a worn-out background. Cast Iron Lace Wallpaper, Shop on your Doorstep The White 'Cast Metal Gate' wallpaper is inspired by decorative metalwork and architectural details, it gives the look of exquisitely ornate metal fretwork on the wall. Almost like giant panels of three dimensional lace. Teaspoons Wallpaper, Shop on your Doorstep The wallpaper tells a tale of elegant spoons, forks for posh cakes and old keys of forgotten rooms. A motley collection, subtly decorated with coloured threads and licks of paint. Dark Wood Vintage Drawers Wallpaper by Decor Wallpaper "Drawers - A charming wall of vintage drawers. Featuring aged wooden tones, rustic metallic handles and crumpled storage labels." Pure Illusionist decorative wallpaper.

Let's Go Study

Book wallpaper has been a huge success since coming onto the market, with many high street stores creating their own versions.  If you would like to find something different that still emulates a study, how about this selection of interesting wallpaper for your home? Study Inspiration Andrew Martin Penny Post Wallpaper, Occa-Home Newsprint Wallpaper Mural by Andrew Martin Pythagoras Wallpaper, Occa-Home There is a wealth of choice for your wallpapering needs from the high street or online stores.  You can create spaces full of personality and wonder without breaking the bank.  Have fun some fun as the days of neutral shades have gone.  In the words of Madonna "Express Yourself" through your home.

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