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Choosing furniture for your conservatory

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Choosing furniture for your conservatory is much like choosing it for any other room of your home as it is completely down to the way that you plan to use the room. Other things to take into account would be your own personal style, budget and the size of the project that you want to undertake.

Conservatories are generally pretty empty rooms with little to fill them other than the furniture that you choose to put in there. With no space on the walls for things like pictures the whole ambience of the room is created by your choice of furniture which means that it’s essential you get it right. Whether you want to use your conservatory as an office, a dining room or just as a place to escape to when the sun’s out is completely up to you but the furniture you choose has to reflect this.

If you aren’t a fan of putting all of your spare furniture into your conservatory and making do as a lot of people do and you’ve decided that you’re going to buy new pieces to create a room rather than an add on to your home then the style and colours that you choose should fit in with the look that you’ve tried to create throughout the rest of your home.

Some popular furniture for conservatories includes:

Cane furniture is hugely popular in conservatories because it’s light-weight, strong and is also suitable for use outdoors on those days when the weather’s too nice to enjoy from the comfort of your conservatory. One of the main reasons why this type of furniture is so beneficial is because they’re really easy to maintain and clean, requiring nothing more than a quick wipe should they get dirty.

Rattan furniture is another variety that’s proved to be exceptionally popular because it is again light-weight and really easy to maintain. If you buy good quality rattan furniture then you can expect it to last years as it’s extremely strong and durable as well as being sustainable. It’s really easy to find rattan furniture to follow the style of your home as quite often the furniture will be painted – usually white but there are plenty of other colours available too.

Finally wood is an extremely popular material for conservatory furniture because it can cope with the constant penetration of the sun’s UV rays and is extremely durable so should last years. Wooden furniture can be made from a variety of different woods including willow, softwoods and hardwoods. Willow – usually used to create wicker furniture – is extremely flexible and is often woven around a metal frame to create something that is extremely aesthetically pleasing.

Softwoods such as pine are much cheaper than harder woods such as oak and mahogany, however they won’t last as long and the quality will not be as high so these are all things to consider. Finally, if you’re buying hardwood furniture and it’s marked with the FCS trademark (Forestry Stewardship Council) then you can be sure that it is the most sustainable and environmentally friendly choice.

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