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Colour trends for your home this season

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

The world of interiors is similar to the fashion world; trends come and go; blend, merge and transform from season to season. There are shows, and glossy magazine editors predicting and debating what colours will be popular this season, eager to be the ones to discover the new designer ‘du jour’ and a brand new shade of black. I love reading the latest trend reports, but when it comes to colour I like to make my own mind up because it’s such a personal thing. When you pick a colour, you reveal an element of your nature, and the wrong colour… well, it feels about as uncomfortable as a pair of shoes that’s three sizes too small. But when you get it right it’s amazing.  A single shade can evoke memories of an incredible holiday, or a happy occasion. Another can make you feel calm and serene even when you’ve had one of those days. But as I share some of the colour trends for your home this reason, remember the best way to know if a colour is going to work or not is whether it feels right to you. Indigo I adore bold, dark colours, dark indigo being one of my favourites. A key colour for 2015, this dark blue-black shade has an elegant, serene quality that goes beautifully with reclaimed wood. Paint a statement wall indigo blue, keeping the rest snow white. [caption id="attachment_6033" align="aligncenter" width="607"]Indigo Shibori cushion, Decorator's Notebook £64.95 Indigo Shibori cushion, Decorator's Notebook £64.95[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6034" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Melin Tregwynt Welsh St Davids cross throw, Eclect Design £165.00 Melin Tregwynt Welsh St Davids cross throw, Eclect Design £165.00[/caption] The contrast between the warm hued wood of this blocky coffee table and these colours is nothing less than beautiful – minimalist nautical, if you like. Pick out some flattering, accessories such as an elegant glassware by Berryred. The blues look lovely against this wood, reflecting the grain through the glass itself. [caption id="attachment_6041" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Original reclaimed coffee table with shelf, from £345 Original reclaimed coffee table with shelf, from £345.00[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6035" align="aligncenter" width="465"]Glassware, Berryred, £7.50 Glassware, Berryred, £7.50[/caption] Cuba blue [caption id="attachment_6032" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Mikasa Into the Blue Side, Creative Tops, £29.99 Mikasa Into the Blue Side, Creative Tops, £29.99[/caption] Cuba’s subtropical climate produces weather and sun-bleached effects, creating visual texture and vibrant colour. Sky blue, cobalt, aphanite, azure and aqua… I love these fish print plates by Creative Tops. They immediately add a tropical, exotic feel to your table, and they look perfectly at home with our Original Dining Table, and matching chunky chairs. [caption id="attachment_6042" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Extending reclaimed wood dining table, Eat Sleep Live £295 Extending reclaimed wood dining table pieces, Eat Sleep Live £295.00[/caption] For party times, up the Cuban feeling by making the centrepiece of your table this fabric drum lampshade, featuring a Cuban landscape. [caption id="attachment_6036" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Cuban print lampshade, InSpaces, £69.99 Cuban print lampshade, InSpaces, £69.99[/caption] Hot pink and fiery red I remember once being told that on no account should I ever wear something pink and red together. Well, this season’s penchant for all things cool and clashing has put paid to that so called rules. And while my personal tastes run to deep and dark, I actually love this quirky combination. Neon pink and scarlet do make for an instant, eye catching combination – and they work best when used as accessories, against elegant, pared down furniture with a natural grain that complements the colour pop, but doesn’t let it overwhelm. A wearable way to use the colour is by dressing your bed in some bright and beautiful throws in different shades of red and pink. Oh and remember to mix textures as well as colours. [caption id="attachment_6039" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Aruca Aplca blanket in pink, Urbana £99.00 Aruca Aplca blanket in pink, Urbana £99.00[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6040" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Tudela mohair throw in red, Urbana £84.55 Tudela mohair throw in red, Urbana £84.55[/caption] Midnight forest [caption id="attachment_6037" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Borough Market No38, Myland’s Paints from £20 Borough Market No38, Mylands from £20.00[/caption] This is a rich, earthy colour that has a calming, quiet feel, reminiscent of the dense quietness you experience when standing in the middle of a forest. It’s a dark colour, but anything but sombre, which is why I love the idea of this as a feature wall in a bedroom. Imagine two facing walls painted this rich, matte forest green the centrepiece of the room being a big, wide loft bed in a natural grain. I think it would be rather magical, a little like sleeping in an actual forest, except safe and sound within your own four walls. You could even add your own ‘stars’ courtesy of a string of simple fairy lights. [caption id="attachment_6031" align="aligncenter" width="620"]John Lewis Solar Centre 200 Solar Powered Fairy Lights, £40 Solar Centre 200 Solar Powered Fairy Lights, John Lewis £40.00[/caption] Whether you’re a ‘the brighter, the better’ sort of person. Or, like me, tend to be attracted to dark, dense hues, you can afford to indulge all aspects of your colour personality when you invest in the right furniture, and at Eat Sleep Live, every single piece has been lovingly crafted to last. Reclaimed wood, with its unique look and feel, gives you the freedom to experiment, be bold, and try different things, try new colours on for size. You may decide you want to stick to charcoal and indigo and keep it minimalist. Or you may decide that hot pink and red accessories simply aren’t enough, you want your walls to be strawberry and candyfloss, as well as your soft furnishings. Choose the colours that you love because colour can make any house into a home.    

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