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Creating the Perfect Home Office

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Reclaimed wood computer workstation Whatever your home office is intended for – kid’s homework, running a business, home-working or purely for paying bills – you need to make sure that it remains part of your home. Just because you’re trying to create an environment that’s conducive to working doesn’t mean that it has to have the office block bore factor. There are multiple ways you can create a stylish office that’s still functional and engaging, so consider these ways of adding some excitement to your working environment.
  • The right spaceis essential for a home office; people often find that they are a lot more productive when working from home but that doesn’t mean that you should never ‘switch off’. It’s essential to be able to close the door on your work life – if that’s not possible then find a way to separate it from your home life in some way. Whether you use a screen or a curtain to separate the space make sure you’re not hindered by your work when you’re trying to relax.
  • Good lighting is another essential when it comes to a constructive working environment. Computer screens and written documents put your eyes under a lot of strain; natural light is a great way to lessen the stress on your eyes as well as engaging your brain. You can’t expect natural light to be enough all of the time though – especially not in this country – so it’s a good idea to have a few lamps dotted around the room too.
  • Comfortable and functional furniture is next on the list; the fact that you will be spending the majority of your time in your office means that it’s essential for it to serve every purpose. Your desk should have the space to contain everything you need on a day to day basis without being cluttered – take a look at the ones on the Eat Sleep Live site - and a nearby set of shelves and drawers are also essential to store anything else that you might need in an organised fashion. A comfortable chair is also a huge benefit because being comfortable will give you the motivation to complete the task in hand.
  • Keep work and home separate by ensuring you’re not disturbed during your working hours. Make sure your friends and family know that just because you’re working from home it doesn’t mean that you’re free. Tell them that your work commitments require you to work from nine until five, just like if you were in a company office, so you can’t be disturbed between these times.
  • Organisation is key because not only is your home office your work space it’s also your living space too. An organised office means an organised mind so you’ll find it much easier to get on with your work but it also means that you won’t lie in bed at night thinking about the mess that’s been left in the room next door. Incorporate some stylish but effective storage techniques like the open shelves and filing cabinets that you’ll find on the Eat Sleep Live website so that everything can be stored effectively while steering your home clear of a corporate office look.
The design and layout of your home office is really important so if you need some inspiration, contact a furniture specialist such as Eat Sleep Live to ask for advice on the best office solutions for your home.

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