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Creating a social atmosphere in your home

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Cosy_Family If you watch TV or listen to the radio, you’ll have no doubt heard stories of families who live side by side but never communicate with each other. They don’t eat together, they don’t talk to each other and other than perhaps fighting for the bathroom in the morning they lead separate lives, set apart from all other family members. Although individuality is important, especially as you get older, communication, happiness and social interaction are equally as important - particularly in a family unit. Your family is the one thing that acts as a constant throughout your life; they’re the people who you know will be there for you when you get home from a bad day at work or after an argument with a friend, relative or neighbour. This is why it’s imperative to make the most of the time that you have together as a family and make sure the rest of your family value it too. If you want to make sure that you maintain the relationship that you have with your family members then you’ll be surprised at just how simple it is. In order to make sure communication levels between you and the other members of your household don’t dwindle then it’s important to create a sociable atmosphere in your home. Read on to find out how you can achieve it in your own home. Cosy_Dining_Room

Décor and furniture

Creating a sociable atmosphere in your home is all down the way that a room is decorated and the furniture that you choose. Something as simple as eating together at a dining table will help to maintain your family’s relationships with each other, even as kids grow up and start to lead independent lives.

Curl up

Everyone wants their home to feel warm, cosy and inviting which is why the décor that you choose is so important. There’s a very thin line between beauty and cosiness and although a lot of people try to create a home that’s aesthetically striking sometimes that’s not the best approach if you also want your home to be warm and intimate. Rather than taking the modern approach and choosing glass and white gloss furniture, go for darker shades like oak or other dark woods. It’s also a good idea to eschew leather sofas and opt for fabrics that ooze warmth and invite you to curl up into the corner with a good book and cup of tea. Cosy_Cushions


There’s no need to approach decorating with the same minimalist, matchy-matchy attitude that people have had for years now; in fact, that’s pretty boring and nowadays people want to see something a little different which is why ditsy patterns and mismatched furniture are really popular at the moment. Rather than trying to turn your house into a show house aim to make it into a proper, lived-in home that offers respite from the harsh travails of work and modern life in general.


Texture is another element that’s really important to consider when it comes to creating a cosy atmosphere. Choose things for your home that invite you to touch them - fluffy cushions, a varnished wooden table or bobbly throw will instantly cosy up a cold, stark room. Cosy_Green_Room


Every colour creates a mood, greens for example are relaxing , productive and inspiring; reds are fierce, romantic and active. Deeper colours always bring more warmth than pastels so as opposed to a bland, safe lilac try a deep violet or in place of baby blue opt for navy blue. There are so many elements that work together to create a cosy atmosphere; it’s not something that can be attributed to a single thing. Creating a place that’s cosy, where people want to spend time is the only way to create a social atmosphere in your home and to help maintain the relationship you have with your family.

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