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Is your dining room only used twice a year?

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

What a daft question I here you say but not really  it seems that the formal dining room that is used twice a year is on the out and the modern dining room  is used more frequently as a family room  where the kids spread their homework out, or play craft games . I say keep this going use the dining room more and more for every meal , sit somewhere nice when your friends pop for a coffee and get involved with the kids school projects and hobbies by not having them locked away in their bedrooms.dining room shelves To make your dining room the centre of family life it should be you will need to furnish it -  We have a fantastic range of reclaimed wooden dining furniture including dining tables, benches , chunky chairs and if your going to make the most of your dining room you will need dining room shelves for all the paraphanalia of life. Love your dining room with Eat sleep Live    

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