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Feathered Interiors that give your Home Wings

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

A few days ago I was sent details of an incredible chair. The Art Room invited a number of artists, designers, architects and fashion icons to transform an Ernest Race BA2 chair to raise funds.  The chairs are to be suspended in the atrium at Selfridges London until 14th June.  Designer Lulu Lytle, Founder and Creative Director of Soane Britain stated, “My first thought on being invited to design a chair that would hang in the Selfridges Atrium was flight.”  The rattan wings, which are entirely woven by hand, have been painted in Selfridges’ distinctive yellow, are made by the last-surviving rattan workshop in Britain.


This wonderful yellow creation, inspired me to think about the use of wings in our homes.  Wings can often be tricky to use in design, but there are some great pieces out there that would certainly keep your interior design flying.  Pigs are one of my favourite animals.  For years as a child I asked for a pig for Christmas and my birthday, this was years before the fashion for micro pigs.  Needless to say my parents never bought me a pig, but I think I would be wonderfully happy if they had bought me this flying pig. [caption id="attachment_5517" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Flying Pig Cushion, IN-SPACES £60.00 Flying Pig Cushion, IN-SPACES £60.00[/caption] Everyone knows about flying pigs, but what about flying pugs?  These cute little dogs are made into a unique piece of wall art that will certainly add a touch of class and also bring a smile.  Uniquely crafted these stunning flying pugs are based on on the artist's own pug dog, Mutley. [caption id="attachment_5523" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Flying Pugs Wall Art, Not on the High Street £79.99 Flying Pugs Wall Art, Not on the High Street £79.99[/caption] From flying wings to Angel wings.  Displayed on a dark painted wall, these feathered detailed mountable Angel wings are striking and would be the perfect statement for any room in your home. [caption id="attachment_5520" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Small Silver Angel Wings, Melody Maison £12.95 Small Silver Angel Wings, Melody Maison £12.95[/caption] Wings make fantastic wall art but they can also prove very practical when it comes to storage, such as this scarf holder. [caption id="attachment_5524" align="aligncenter" width="443"]Angel Wings Scarf Holder, The Contemporary Home £18.00 Angel Wings Scarf Holder, The Contemporary Home £18.00[/caption] Although these wonderful creations are infectious, they are no match for the graceful magic of real feathered wings.  This handmade Japanese influenced crane print lampshade with with its fabulous monochromatic scheme would brighten up any room. [caption id="attachment_5522" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Handmade Japanese Flying Cranes Lampshade, Not on the High Street £34.99 Handmade Japanese Flying Cranes Lampshade, Not on the High Street £34.99[/caption] Two beautiful designs in one, this Flying Parrot lampshade is decorated with beautiful shades of blue.  The internal look is an abundance of blue petals whilst the bold digital printed design would add colour and flair to any space. [caption id="attachment_5518" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Flying Parrots Lampshade, IN-SPACES £149.00 Flying Parrots Lampshade, IN-SPACES £149.00[/caption] This limited edition print is full of life and vitality, you can feel the motion as your eyes move across the canvas.  This piece will bring a splash of style and colour to any wall as well as an eye catching piece, it would be the perfect focal point in the design of your room. [caption id="attachment_5519" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vermillion Flamingos Canvas, Luku Home £315.00 Vermillion Flamingos Canvas, Luku Home £315.00[/caption] One of the most artistic, dramatic and alluring winged animals are Butterflies, these incredible creatures are celebrated in this wonderful cushion by Nord. [caption id="attachment_5521" align="aligncenter" width="620"]By Nord Butterfly Wing 2 Cushion, Houseology £89.00 By Nord Butterfly Wing 2 Cushion, Houseology £89.00[/caption] Feathers of all shapes, sizes, colours and textures and stir emotions as well as being the inspiration for amazing designs.  This emotive canvas perfectly captures pure beauty but also heinous sadness. [caption id="attachment_5525" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Broken Wings, The French Bedroom Company £199.00 Broken Wings, The French Bedroom Company £199.00[/caption] The sensation of flying for us mere mortals is only something we can experience if we have no fear, for example sky diving.  But what if I can show you something that had a touch of flying magic and could be enjoyed by the whole family?  Intrigued?  Named the 'Flying Carpet', this fascinating three dimensional rug allows any of its corners to be raised.  Sadly it doesn't fly but this unique design will certainly add magic to any room it is placed. [caption id="attachment_5516" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Nani Marquina Flying Carpet rug, Go Modern Furniture £2070.00 Nani Marquina Flying Carpet rug, Go Modern Furniture £2070.00[/caption]    

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