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Give Your Home A Little Tenderness with Copper Blush

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Last week Dulux has announced its colour of the year: Copper Blush. After the cool and moody greys, blues and greens of recent years, it is great to have with us this warm tone, which is associated with positive outlook, tenderness and sensuality. [caption id="attachment_3855" align="aligncenter" width="413"]Images courtesy of Dulux Colourfutures Images courtesy of Dulux Colourfutures[/caption] Basically announcing the colour of the year is not about telling, that this particular shade will be super-trendy and you need to rush to the store to get a bucket of paint to update your walls. It is more of an attempt to show the current state of culture and society through one particular colour. Preparing a trend forecast is meticulous and complicated task to do: you have to take into consideration tendencies in art, technology, fashion; explore culture and its development all over the world, as well as have good knowledge of colour formulas and colour perception by humans. Dulux has a team of experts, consisting of designers, artists, architects, fashion designers from all over the world. After long months of research and discussion, each year they create the album called ColourFutures, which illustrates in the form of inspirational images their predictions of future trends. [caption id="attachment_3854" align="aligncenter" width="465"]Images courtesy of Dulux Colourfutures Images courtesy of Dulux Colourfutures[/caption] The main colour concept of the album ColourFutures 2015 formulated as "Everyday: Finding the wonderful in the normal”. Its basic idea is that each day brings something new in our routine, new ways to add colour to our lives. The pinky-orange hue, presented by Dulux is very versatile: it can be used practically all over the house, in any space. In a living room it will create warm and inviting ambience, in a bedroom will set the romantic mood, while in a bathroom will highlight the beautiful peachy tones of your skin. Amazing as it is, it will be even more enhanced if paired with neutrals, grey or crispy white. It also loves the neighbourhood of natural wood and glamorous metallics, whether it is saturated copper or shiny gold. [caption id="attachment_3858" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Tom Dixon Etch Shade Copper Pendant Light, Occa-Home £325.00 Tom Dixon Etch Shade Copper Pendant Light, Occa-Home £325.00[/caption] Experts from Dulux have also identified 5 key directions of upcoming interior trends. In brief these are: Big Nature + Small Me - in the global era of digital technologies humans are yearning and instinctively looking to be closer to nature. Natural elements, materials and colours will be brought into our homes to restore this connection. “Layer + layer- layers will be used to add depth and interest to a space. Talking about colour, various groups of hues are preferred to a single shade applied in isolation.This will allow to highlight interesting features, create zones and interesting optical effects. Unseen spaces - this trend is about making use of previously unseen or neglected spaces in our homes. Thus, a “dead”area behind a staircase can be converted into a cosy and relaxing nook with a clever use of colour and accessories. Him and Her - as the name suggests, this tendency is about creating a versatile space, pleasant and comfortable both for him and for her. Friendly Barter - the popularity of social networks has influenced the new mindset of people: “giving before you take”attitude has replaced greedy, egoistic approach. In colour world this trend is translated in the use of large colour blocks instead of patterns to create more powerful visual effect. Colours support and enhance the beauty of each other instead of grabbing attention and playing solo. All these trends  can be wonderfully applied with our Colour of the year. For example, if you take “him and her”concept, feminine pink can be used in combination with dark masculine grey, while “big nature+ small me”suggests lots of natural materials in the settings, for example wood and clay. [caption id="attachment_3859" align="aligncenter" width="620"]& Tradition Flowerpot Table Lamp VP4 Polished Copper, Occa-Home £259.00 & Tradition Flowerpot Table Lamp VP4 Polished Copper, Occa-Home £259.00[/caption] It will be very interesting to see how designers will take into consideration this trend forecast and will please us in the nearest future with new furniture pieces, wallpaper and textile accomplished in this beautiful colour.  But as you can see there are already some beautiful copper blush pieces and we have even found some inspiration for where you Eat Sleep Live.  Eat [caption id="attachment_3856" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Rose gold / blush copper vintage painted mason jar, Etsy £11.65 Rose gold / blush copper vintage painted mason jar, Etsy £11.65[/caption] Sleep [caption id="attachment_3860" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Mish Blush Satin Bedding by Kylie Minogue, eBay £14.40 Mish Blush Satin Bedding by Kylie Minogue, eBay £14.40[/caption] Live [caption id="attachment_3857" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Muuto Connect Sofa Steelcut, Occa- Home £2,590.00 Muuto Connect Sofa Steelcut, Occa- Home £2,590.00[/caption]

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