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Green Gifts Your Dad Will Love

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Whether your dad is into all the latest gadgets or in touch with nature there’s a father’s day gift out there that he’ll love and won’t harm the environment in the slightest; so why not show your dad just how much you appreciate everything he’s done for you and buy him a father’s day gift he’ll never forget. If you’ve got a dad who’s into technology then it’s easy to find a gadget that doesn’t put any strain on the environment. Solar Powered Weather Stations are the ultimate gift for any dad that’s into gadgets and his garden he’ll be in his element choosing a spot for the outdoor solar panel which will recharge the weather station’s batteries meaning that he’ll always be completely up to date with the latest weather, wind speeds, rainfall and indoor and outdoor temperatures. Stress Erasers are great for dads who sometimes let life get on top of them; these handy little gadgets can be taken anywhere and will help him de-stress at any time he needs. The stress eraser uses biofeedback technology which will help Pops breathe calmly, increase his energy and improve his clarity when he needs it most. The Sunrise Clock is the perfect gift for a dad who wakes up grumpy in the mornings. Rather than a deafening alarm tone that could put even the happiest of chaps in a bad mood the sunrise alarm clock uses natural light that gradually gets brighter over a set period of time so that by the time dad is supposed to be up he’ll have woken up naturally thanks to his internal body clock realising it’s time to start the day. If your dad’s les tech-savvy and more in tune with nature try one of these garden gifts that can be used at any time of year. A Spinning Composter is perfect for anyone who’s dedicated to their garden and loves to put scraps to good use. This composter is made from 50% of recycled plastic and creates compost that’s great for your garden in as little as a month. Wine Barrel Chairs are a great way to recycle your dad’s favourite tipple. These chairs are made from the white oak of wine barrels which has been completely transformed to make the perfect father’s day gift for a wine lover. Even if they don’t love wine these chairs will look great in any garden and will add some welcome character. Fire Bowls are a great addition to any garden creating a lovely ambient atmosphere on a summer evening. Rather than being eaten by midges this copper fire bowl – that’s made completely from recycled copper – will bring the perfect amount of warmth and light to allow your dad and friends to make the most of these summer evenings. All dads like a good sleep and it’s no wonder when they spend so much time doing so much for other people so with a gift like this you’ll not only be showing him how much he means to you but that you also acknowledge everything he does for you. Hammocks are a great invention, you can’t argue with that, but the Ultimate Hammock is not only big enough for the entire family, it’s also made from recycled plastic bottles yet it will still be the most comfortable thing you’ve ever napped on.

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