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Just moved in? Ideas for a great housewarming party

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

House warming party There is plenty of time for toil in life so every opportunity to steal a raft of enjoyable moments should be grasped with both hands. As anyone who has been through the whole process of moving from one apartment or house to another will testify, it can be an exhausting experience to say the least and one that leaves you craving some relaxation. Consequently, it makes perfect sense to give yourself the chance to make the most of the fruits of your labour and a housewarming party is an extremely fitting way to do this. A gathering in your new abode to mark a new chapter in your life as significant as this can certainly be an exciting event to put together. A housewarming party is perfect for those who love to mingle and being amongst those closest to you can really help you to get accustomed to your new home. If you are attracted to this most alluring of social possibilities but are feeling stuck for where to begin then take these tips on board. Set the tone It is possible to simply text or phone some of your friends and family to spend a few hours in your new home but after all the work it has taken why not relish the chance to celebrate in emphatic fashion? It is a party after all so if you wish to set a particular theme then incorporate this into your invitations and event description. Revel in being the host The most essential element in a housewarming party is enjoyment without feeling pressure. The role of host is one to make you feel good as you invite your guests in and show them around. You will have people arriving at slightly different times so make sure you are prepared to give the full tour a few times over. Celebrate all the hard work it has taken to bring your vision to fruition and remember that it doesn’t have to be perfect. Your home is your continuous project and as there are always little alterations that can be made here and there is anyone ever completely satisfied with their home anyway? Create the vibe you desire The best housewarming gatherings are atmospheric in all the right ways. The company you choose is undoubtedly important but there are little touches you can add too. A good tip to remember is not to be too elaborate about anything. Music is the ideal accompaniment so decide whether you want a particularly relaxed affair or a more upbeat one. If the mellow option is your choice then some artist suggestions for the playlist that will not let you down are Maxwell, Lauryn Hill and Musiq Soulchild, but add your own. Marry the menu with the occasion No party is quite complete without a selection of food and drink throughout the evening so provide your guests with something you would enjoy yourself. The surroundings you have at your disposal should be your guide to the menu you come up with so if there is a lovely garden to use then barbecue food may be just what you need. Catering for your guests also means making sure everyone is accounted for when it comes to seating and indoor and outdoor space. Give thanks to your guests Rather than bringing proceedings to an end in sudden fashion it is much better to try to wind the evening down gradually. If the party has taken place outside then bring everyone indoors for the final hour or so, subtly indicating that the night is drawing to a close. Make a point of showing your appreciation to the people who have joined you for your housewarming and take the time to see each of them off home safely. Trevor writes on behalf of My Property For Sale, the original private house sales website.

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