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Outdoor Furniture: Don't get caught out when the seasons change

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Raining_On_Patio The weather has changed, autumn has set in and winter is clearly on its way which means that our gardens won’t be getting the attention they’ve gotten used to over the past few months. Conditions have changed occurred pretty rapidly too, and this is bad news when it comes to outside furniture as many of us are still hoping that one or two warm days will spring up through September and October. The possibility of an Indian summer being on the horizon leads many people to make huge mistakes when it comes to their outside furniture and leave it to the mercy of the elements. Wet_Wood Rather than allowing the winter weather to ruin your garden furniture though you should take action protect it before it’s too late. The warm weather is unlikely to return for this year and even if it does make an appearance for a day or two you’re likely to be at work anyway. That’s why we advise you to act now before it’s too late and your furniture is at risk from the elements. In the UK you can guarantee encountering a range of wet weather through the winter including rain, snow and hail, which is why it’s important to apply a water sealant if your furniture will be spending the season outside as this type of precipitation can quickly cause weather damage. Untreated or uncovered wooden garden furniture is susceptible to rotting and mould if left outside. If you must leave your furniture to stand outdoors over the winter months, there are three easy ways you can help protect it: Painting_Patio


Paint is a great way to protect your outdoor wooden furniture against the elements however painting your furniture will lead to the loss of the natural wood effect however it will keep your furniture in good enough condition to be used the following year.


If you like the natural wood effect of your furniture and therefore don’t want to cover it with paint then varnish is another option for protection throughout winter. If you do choose to varnish your wood however, do make sure you pick up an outdoor variant as standard varnishes won’t do the job. Covered_Patio_Furniture


Patio covers are perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to protect your outdoor furniture while it’s not in use over the winter. We advise you to measure your furniture before buying a protective cover – that way you’re guaranteed to get one that’s the right size and not risk water ingress that could see your furniture susceptible to damp and wood rot. It’s really easy to keep an outdoor wooden furniture set looking like new year upon year but it all depends on your monitoring of the weather situation and knowing when to spring into action. Hopefully though, the information provided here will make sure you’re not caught out. Why not check out some of our other useful How To features to get a handle of all manner of useful hints and tips for keeping your wooden furniture in tip top condition?

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