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The Page Turning Tale of a Desk

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

My story began many years before, before I was carved into what I am today and before I saw the sands of time through an industrial era that created great things but brought sadness to many.  My time began hundreds of years ago when the world was a far different place to what it is now.  I don't remember how I became, but I can still feel how it was to grow, how the starkness of the weather would crash and sting at my pours and warm my coat so much I thought I might burn. index Back in those days there was silence, yes the sound of the wind whistling round my leaves filled me with joyful abandonment, the cries and conversations of the nearby nature provided a wealth of entertainment through many a year.  I began strong, tall and confident I stood proud in a wood filled with those similar to me, I saw how time played cruel tricks on my elders how the being known as man chopped us down for another purpose. I always wondered what I would become, would I stay forever surrounded by nature?  The grains running through my body desired more, I longed to know what was beyond the wood. He's there, I can sense him.  The blade of his axe shimmers in the morning light, who will he choose?  I shake, my strong foundations feel unstable, it's not my roots I can feel them reaching far and wide in the undergrowth.  It doesn't hurt but I know I am about to fall.  It's as though time stands still as I slowly move closer to the moss filled path below.  My time in the forest is over, I am about to embark on a new adventure.  Everything is new and exciting as I am shaped into a beam ready for use in a new building.  Architecture is so fascinating.  How you can create places of grandeur through natural materials and yet with the same materials a small forgettable home can be born. our-reclaimed-wood-left-466x233 My build is large, lots of rooms and passageways.  I have seen how man has created great machinery, machines so large that they take your breath away with their motions.  From an era where every man knew his place in society and where children worked and died to earn enough to eat.  I have felt incredible sorrow and seen so much happiness and as the bricks around me crumbled and fell, I again wondered if this was my time to say goodbye, but no. our-reclaimed-wood-right-466x233 I have since been rescued.  My aching grains have been lovingly restored, fresh and full of vigour I am ready to begin again.  I am now beautiful, stylish and robust, eager to know where my new home is to be. I am waiting, waiting for the right owner who wants a desk that breathes a thousand stories and longs to tell their tales whilst writing on my handcrafted form.  Who wouldn't want a desk steeped in history, full of character and a deep desire to be loved. You know who you are, I look forward to serving you. [caption id="attachment_6450" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Large Reclaimed Wood Office Desk, from £960.00Large Reclaimed Wood Office Desk, from £960.00[/caption] Your desk

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