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The best places to hide Christmas gifts away from children

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Children opening gift As it gets close to Christmas, parents' bedroom's have probably already started to fill up with the kids’ presents and many will be trying to find as many hiding places as possible where prying eyes won’t find hidden gifts. As children get older, they become aware that their parents have to go out to buy their Christmas gifts; many parents keep the magic of Christmas alive by telling their children that this is because Santa has a lot of work to do and that he wants to make sure he gives them exactly the right gift. However, although the magic of Christmas is maintained, children are much sneakier than you might think and may try to get a quick peek at the gifts they are to receive. In order to prevent any ruined surprises, it’s really important to think of some inventive hiding places as opposed to the obvious few that most choose every year. Children are a lot more intelligent than most give them credit for and the places usually chosen to hide Christmas gifts will be the first places that they look. Although parents might think that kids will avoid the obvious places such as the attic and wardrobe because they’ll expect you to try a little harder, they’ll more than likely pre-empt this reverse psychology and will almost definitely try the wardrobe before anywhere else.


Before just dumping gifts in a wardrobe with the plan to move them later on – you just know it won’t happen – consider places where the presents won’t get in the way and the kids rarely go. If you have a basement then this is the perfect place as they’re generally kept locked and it’s somewhere kids avoid. If you have a spare fridge or freezer that you keep down there (or even a tumble dryer), then consider hiding gifts in there. Just make sure you remember that they’re in there and don't use the appliances in question! Hidden gifts


If you live near to any of your relatives then take advantage of the fact. The likelihood is that they’ll be willing to offer a helping hand. If they have a spare bedroom or a dining room that they never use, ask if they’d mind you storing your children’s Christmas gifts in there until the big day gets a little closer.


Although this is certainly not the safest option, it’s certainly one to consider if you have no alternative. It’s easy enough to store inexpensive and non-breakable gifts in the boot of your car. However, if you’re concerned about theft and overall safety then this is probably an option to avoid.


There’s really no need to think up new and inventive hiding places every year, because you can hide presents right under people’s noses. Take some average-looking storage containers in which you might normally store decorations, photos or even clothes,and hide gifts in them. Alternatively, consider using Halloween treat tubs, which might have contained sweets for any Halloween visitors who came to your door, to store smaller gifts. You could even hide gifts in the containers in which you store Christmas decorations because once the tree is up, people will be unlikely to look in there until it’s time to take it down again.


Socks Clean socks are capable of a lot more than keeping your feet warm as they are the perfect place to hide small Christmas gifts. After all, your kids are unlikely to go rooting through your underwear draw in search of Christmas presents. If you’re still unsure about the best places to hide Christmas gifts, then get into the mindset of the children who will be searching for them by reading blogs on how to find hidden Christmas gifts! Ingenious advice that's served us well in the ways of Xmas subterfuge in the past.

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