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Recycled Furniture: The Older the Stronger

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

“I don't enjoy living in a white box flooded with light. I like shadows, small spaces, old furniture.” - Kevin McCloud The recycled furniture at Eat Sleep Live is created using reclaimed wood from all across our beautiful country by utilising secondhand lumber from old barns, factories and historical buildings. Using experienced craftsman and visionary designers, we create stunning reclaimed wood furniture that is architecturally grand but simple enough to let the wood itself shine through and tell it’s tale of lives gone by! They claim that wine tastes better with age - well it’s the same for wood. As the seasons change and as the wood experiences the elements both harsh and warming, its surface is scarred, imprinted and coloured like battle wounds, indicating its elaborate journey. The older the wood, the more markings and the more stories. These features make recycled wood a great material in the production of sustainable, long lasting home editions! But there’s another feature of reclaimed wood that makes it inarguably suitable for an elegant dining table, a sturdy bathroom door or an opulent bookcase - its strength. Most trees take decades to grow in their natural surroundings - with some taking between 200 and 400 years to mature! These trees would have been once abundant across our planet, yet as time moves on we are facing deforestation and swift reduction to our earth’s greenery. So our mission is to reincarnate these once strong and majestic trees by reusing their valuable wood to make strong and majestic furniture. Reclaimed material is naturally stronger than virgin wood because the old-growth timber had years to mature and dry, whereas first-generation forests are often destroyed before this time, meaning virgin wood can be weaker due to felling. To put this into technical terms, the hardness of wood can be measured using the Janka Scale which experts claim records reclaimed wood as being up to 40 points harder than virgin wood. Scientific proof. Reclaimed wood also smells, looks and feels irreplaceably divine! As respectable distributors and creators of our furniture, we take extra care to ensure our wood is finished free of staples/nails and is of brilliant quality for your home use. After all it’s what we do best! Picture1   Furniture should be relished and utilised. Yes our investment masterpieces are works of art - they should be adored and admired, but more importantly, they were built for function and enjoyment. There's no reason to keep a piece of furniture in your house that is so sacred and rare that you can't put your feet up on it and a dog can't jump up on it. Likewise, a book that sits on a shelf like a piece of porcelain, only to be admired, never to be read again, is a dead book.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

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