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Start the New Year Afresh, with Fresh Interiors

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

So here were are, 1 January 2014, where did 2013 go?  As we look round at our homes bursting with festive decorations,  we rejoice in the abundance of colours adding sparkle to our rooms - reds, greens, golds and silvers.  But as we count the days to come, this magical decor will be being packed away for another year making our homes feel bare and lifeless.  The rooms that we once loved now feel cold. Starting a new year we think about change.  We joke and set ourselves resolutions, many of which we will have broken the next day.  We fill ourselves with hopes and dreams of what is yet to come.  We encourage our aspirations and seek to make positive changes, so why not start with your home.  Spring is on it's way, when I think of Spring I think of freshness, when I think of starting a new year, I think of a fresh start.  A famous quote springs to mind by L.M. Montgomery  “Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?”  So let's start tomorrow as a new day, a day for bringing in fresh interiors and creative life and vitality into our homes.  When you think of the word 'fresh', what colours come to mind?  For me it is shades of green and whites.  It's green meadows and the crispness of the air on your cheeks.  It's clean as the white snow that may yet show its hand.  It's the feeling of coming alive.  As you start looking round the high streets, you will start to see many white and green interiors within their Spring collections. Bringing 'fresh' interiors into your home can be as simple as a vase of flowers.  But if you are feeling a little braver I am sure my picks will get your creative juices flowing. Home accessories have never been so popular, with the beautifully crafted cushions to simple and affective art work, we are all taking pride in our selection of accessories.  I was extremely lucky to get a sneak preview of the Next Spring Collection and these pieces are synonymous with the 'fresh' look. 2013-12-31_0002 1. Floral Sprig Bed set 2. Botanical Print Pencil Pleat Curtains 3. Fern Rug pizap.com13884993747792 1. Butterfly Jacquard Cushion 2. Smart Artisan Floral Print Cushion 3. Green And Natural Velvet Stripe Cushion 4. Fern Embroidery Cushion Wallpaper has now become a work of art in itself, from murals to intricate hand painted designs. One thing is certain, wallpaper is back in our hearts.  Whether you wish to have a dramatic fresh look with a mural or a beautifully crafted design, the choice is vast. These two contrasting mural wallpapers from show off the delicate green flourishes of the green leaves against the harsh yet crisp white wall. 2013-12-31_0005 I love Designers Guild, they have such a wonderful collection of wallpapers and fabrics, you can always find something unique. 2013-12-31_0008 1. Wyatt in Moss, Rosa Chinensis wallpaper 2. Bukhara in Moss, Bukhara wallpaper 3. Marienlyst Leaf, Amalienborg Wallpaper 4. Kabuki Lanterns in Moss, Oriental Garden wallpaper Fresh Interiors in Action

Eat, Sleep, Live In each of my posts I will be sharing a favourite for you to Eat, Sleep, Live.  To celebrate my first post and a fresh new start, these beautiful designs are from the award winning interior design company Suna Interior Design. Eat [caption id="attachment_1216" align="alignnone" width="443"]Mount Anvil Central Square, Suna Interior Deisgn Mount Anvil Central Square, Suna Interior Design[/caption] Sleep [caption id="attachment_1214" align="alignnone" width="960"]Park Central for Crest Nicholson, Suna Interior Design Park Central for Crest Nicholson, Suna Interior Design[/caption] Live [caption id="attachment_1215" align="alignnone" width="660"]Crest Nicolson, Suna Interior Design Crest Nicolson, Suna Interior Design[/caption] One thing is certain, whether you choose a simple look with select key pieces or you are brave and bold in your design choices, Fresh Interiors are the perfect way to start a new year in your home.  

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