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Stylish Home Accessories for Your Tech

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

iPads, iPhones, gadgets, tech - our lives and homes are becoming filled by them.  I love a bit of tech but what I struggle with is finding a compromise between having gadgets work with my home design.  I don't want cables dragging everywhere and just having my iPhone and iPad on a table makes it look messy.  What I really need is some stylish home accessories for my tech.   I have been on a hunt and been surprised by what I have discovered.  Let's start with a little retro! The Retro Touch Speaker looks like it has come out of the 70's but it's actually full of the latest tech.  As well as charging your phone this great little device is an awesome speaker, simply place your phone on the speaker for instant amplification. [caption id="attachment_2796" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Retro Touch Speaker, RED5 £29.95 Retro Touch Speaker, RED5 £29.95[/caption] Keeping with the music theme but moving back in time from Retro to Vintage we have the London Sterling iPhone Gramophone.  It is not only a beautiful home accessory but it is also a versatile and stylish acoustic speaker. [caption id="attachment_2797" align="aligncenter" width="620"]London Sterling iPhone Gramophone, Not on the High Street £500 London Sterling iPhone Gramophone, Not on the High Street £500[/caption] As you relax listing to your music, here are a few pieces that will still allow you to enjoy your tech as you chill.  The aptly named Pamper Tray provides the perfect home for a laptop, the tray also features side storage for your papers, magazines or remote controls.  It's clever design means is is completely stowable, would wouldn't want to relax with this? [caption id="attachment_2798" align="aligncenter" width="620"]iWoodesign - Pamper Tray, LuxDeco £650.00 iWoodesign - Pamper Tray, LuxDeco £650.00[/caption] Following the same ethos is the iPad iBed, perfectly designed for those lazy Sunday mornings. [caption id="attachment_2799" align="aligncenter" width="620"]iPad iBed, MAIDEN £12.50 iPad iBed, MAIDEN £12.50[/caption] The iCushion is another device perfect for relaxing, whether you're sitting on the sofa or in bed.  Designed to hold the iPad securely at a natural reading angle it provides comfortable support whilst you are reading your favourite novel or watching the latest film. [caption id="attachment_2800" align="aligncenter" width="620"]iPad Cushion Pillow Stand, mobiletoyz £24.95 iPad Cushion Pillow Stand, mobiletoyz £24.95[/caption] Check out these three safe and stylish iPad holders.  This stunning oak iPad holder can be personalised with a message of your choice. [caption id="attachment_2801" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Personalised Oak iPad Holder, Plantabox £19.95 Personalised Oak iPad Holder, Plantabox £19.95[/caption] Made from Bamboo this desktop organiser is perfectly angled to view the screen with ease.  The draws are great for all your desk nick knacks and the base is designed for a charger connection. [caption id="attachment_2802" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Bamboo iPad Stand, Protect the Planet £24.99 Bamboo iPad Stand, Protect the Planet £24.99[/caption] This wooden table and remote control store provides a fresh design for coffee table storage.

[caption id="attachment_2803" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Wooden Tablet and Remote Control Store. aplaceforeverything £19.00 Wooden Tablet and Remote Control Store. aplaceforeverything £19.00[/caption]
Our tablets are a great resource for our cooking endeavours, now you can have peace of mind with this tablet cookbook stand.  It also includes a handy touch pen perfect especially when baking and you have those flour covered hands.
[caption id="attachment_2804" align="aligncenter" width="620"]iPad / Tablet Cookbook Stand, aplaceforeverything £25.00 iPad / Tablet Cookbook Stand, aplaceforeverything £25.00[/caption]
I have left the coolest until last.  This fantastic Retro TV Frame For iPad is so quirky and beautifully crafted in solid oak.  It holds your iPad perfectly for either viewing TV or using as a photo frame.  Who do you know who would like a stylish home accessory like this?
Retro Tv Frame For iPad, Not on the High Street £50.00Retro Tv Frame For iPad, Not on the High Street £50.00 [caption id="attachment_2807" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Retro Tv Frame For iPad, Not on the High Street £50.00 Retro TV Frame For iPad, Not on the High Street £50.00[/caption]
Here are three fun tech home accessories for where you Eat Sleep Live.
A cork bottle stopper with an LED light, place in an old wine bottle and watch them light up.  Perfect accessory for your garden when you are alfresco dining.
[caption id="attachment_2809" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Re-chargable cork bottle stopper light, Hunter Gatherer £13.00 Re-chargable cork bottle stopper light, Hunter Gatherer £13.00[/caption]
Sleep If a traditional alarm clock is not your style, and you would prefer something a bit more exciting than using your phone, that why not zap your walls with this Secret Agent Alarm Clock.  Place under the pillow and be woken with the vibrations, check the time by aiming at a surface and pressing the trigger, there is even a snooze function.  Who said waking up was boring? [caption id="attachment_2810" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Secret Agent Alarm Clock, £17.95 Secret Agent Alarm Clock, £17.95[/caption] Live A fantastic innovative design by Evoni.  They have developed a collection of coffee tables that not only will charge your phone but also includes wireless technology allowing you to stay connected 24/7. [caption id="attachment_2812" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Chill and Charge Table, Evoni Chill and Charge Table, Evoni[/caption]

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