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The Secret of Great Sleepers

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Are you not sleeping very well at the moment? The results of a recent long-term study showed that most of us have some issues getting to or staying asleep. ‘Insomnia is a difficult and persistent sleep disorder, ‘ says Michael J. Breus, Ph.D., is a Clinical Psychologist and both a Diplomate of the American Board of Sleep Medicine and a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine. ‘It’s one that can come about for many reasons and, once evident, can linger for months or even years. It’s also a sleep disorder that is on the rise in the United Kingdom,’ he says. While worrying about things, the stresses of modern life, are a big reason why many of us are struggling to get enough shut-eye, another reason is that we don’t pay enough attention to our ‘sleep environment’.  So what is the secret of great sleepers? baby-22194_1280 Your bedroom should be just that. A room with a bed in it! Ideally, that would be all that’s in your room, but for those of us without the extra wing to house our wardrobes and drawers, this might not always be possible. But the bed should be the focus of the room, and the rest kept to a minimum.  Easier said than done. We live in a tech obsessed era, where many of us sleep with our phones by our beds, under our pillows even; where there is a television on ‘stand-by’, tiny lights flashing away. Try to keep your gadgets out of the bedroom. This is where your brain gets to disengage from all that, where you get some peace and quiet. Is it dark enough? Hotel rooms have dark, blackout curtains that, once closed, shut out all natural daylight. When it’s time to go to sleep, your bedroom should be dark, too. Try to block out street lights, any artificial lights. When it’s dark, your body will instinctively ‘know’ it’s time to rest.  And the most important thing of all. Your bed. The perfect bed can transform your nightlife, while the wrong bed, frame and mattress could make your sleeping hours a bit of a misery. [caption id="attachment_5831" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Grand Bed With Footboard Grand Bed With Footboard[/caption] A good bed isn’t a statement piece, it’s an important part of your life and if you invest wisely, it will last you a lifetime. According to Feng Shui, wood is the best material for a bed and you won’t find finer wood than at Eat Sleep Live. Here, each bed has been handmade and finished by craftsmen and artisans; they are designed to provide comfort and durability, as well as looking elegant in any environment. What’s even lovelier, is that because they’re made from reclaimed wood, each has its own story to tell, and no two beds are the same. Put as much thought into your mattress as your frame. There area variety of mattresses on the market, so choose wisely and invest in the one that will promote best sleep and relaxation.  Picking the right mattress is part instinct, part science. Obviously you need to find one that feels good, but it’s always best to ask an expert who will be able to ‘pair’ you with your perfect mattress, depending on the frame you have chosen, and of course your sleep- and lifestyle. [caption id="attachment_5832" align="aligncenter" width="620"] Pocket Sprung Mattress Pocket Sprung Mattress[/caption] The Vogue collection of mattresses is one of the most comprehensive, and high spec on the market. They offer a range of spring counts, so if you love to have a little bounce on your bed, you can; equally, if you love stillness and firmness, then you can pick one that holds and supports you.  At Eat Sleep Live, each mattress is hand-tufted, micro-quilted or sculpture-quilted before being upholstered in natural-touch fabric that feels wonderfully soft to the touch. Some models are finished in soft-knit CoolFeel fabric, which removes body humidity built up during sleep for an even more relaxing experience. We’re confident that you’ll wake up feeling rested and energetic after a night on your state-of-the-art new mattress. Many experts argue that we’ve become so obsessed with sleep, we have put it on something of a pedestal. There are sprays, oils, candles, music… these so-called sleep enhancers actually only serve to distract us from what we really want – a good night’s sleep.  What nobody can argue against is that finding the right bed (the ‘one’ if you like), will change your life dramatically. You will sleep beautifully. It’s almost a shame you won’t be awake to witness it.  

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