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The Vintage Aviator - A Home Office with a Masculine Edge

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

It's an exciting time for me personally as we are in the process of moving home.  My husband and I currently share an office space and it is a place where battle lines are drawn.  I have all my interior books and brochures and he has his array of PC equipment.  He likes to watch TV whilst working, I like to listen to music.  Our saving grace when we move is that we will both have our own personal offices, and I for one can't wait. My husband has a vision for his room, the design I can only describe as 'The Vintage Aviator'.  He is looking at combining vintage leathers with aviator themed furniture, this will be complimented by large wooden pieces and striking accessories.  The collection of furnishings does have a very masculine feel when put together but there are many pieces within his design that would work perfectly in any office. The backdrop to the furniture is a mural wall from which his desk would sit.  There have been many ideas for the mural, some I have liked and some, like a Batman The Dark Night, not so much.  I believe an old style map would look perfect. [caption id="attachment_1648" align="alignnone" width="600"]Traditional Old Style World Map Wall Mural, Traditional Old Style World Map Wall Mural -[/caption] Seeing an aviator desk at an home exhibition I think started his thought into his office design.  My husband is not really an interiors person, but after seeing a number of show homes started to see how you could transform a space.  A desk similar to the one below, started a chain of ideas for his office design.  This is how many spaces are designed, inspiration comes from a variety of sources whether it be piece of furniture or a colour scheme.  I remember Interior Designer, Jo Hamilton telling me that she finds her inspiration from works of art and nature.  For my husband it was a desk. [caption id="attachment_1647" align="alignnone" width="500"]Aviator Valkyrie Desk, Barker and Stonehouse Aviator Valkyrie Desk - Barker and Stonehouse[/caption] I wanted to find an office chair that would compliment this desk, still had a vintage feel but also beautifully designed.  I finally found what I felt was the perfect choice. [caption id="attachment_1649" align="alignnone" width="447"]Spitfire Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen in Vintage Style Brown Leather and Aluminium Shell, A Modern World Spitfire Swan Chair, Vintage Style Brown Leather -  A Modern World[/caption] For shelving he wanted furniture indicative of an old library, high shelving that was traditional yet contemporary.  It also needed to work with the rest of the design. [caption id="attachment_1645" align="alignnone" width="493"]Black Fayence Library Bookcase With Ladder, Designersofas4u Black Fayence Library Bookcase With Ladder, Designersofas4u[/caption] To complete his Vintage Aviator look, a dramatic light that would not be overpowered by the rest of the design. [caption id="attachment_1643" align="alignnone" width="600"]Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp, Made Alfred Tripod Floor Lamp - Made[/caption] Without even being in our new home we already have a blueprint for his office.  I can't wait to see his vision created into a striking and elegant room.  What do you think of The Vintage Aviator design?

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