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Make use of wood in your bathroom

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Wood is probably the last thing you’d think to use if you were giving your bathroom a make-over, however, it’s actually extremely practical. Tiles have always been the standard for bathroom floors and wall coverings but wood is steadily becoming the new must have. Although tiles are easy to keep clean, durable and practical for use in wet areas they’re not the only material that fits this criteria.

Wood actually has a lot more to offer than you might think, especially in the bathroom as it reflects light amazingly and brings a depth of colour and warmth that can’t be achieved with tiles.

Wooden Bathroom

Walls and floors

Although wood probably wouldn’t be something that you’d generally consider for your bathroom, and if you were to deliberate its use you’d probably settle on using it as flooring. However, before making any decisions it’s worth pondering over its other uses and other areas where it’d be suitable. Wood, perhaps surprisingly, looks great on bathroom ceilings and walls as this website shows.

If you choose to use wood on the walls as opposed to the ceiling then it’ll create a great texture as well as softening the rest of the room because of the dark, warm tones. If you’re conducting a make-over in your bathroom then you’ve probably thought about using dry wall in order to keep moisture at bay, however, natural wood walling can be just as effective.

When opting for a natural, bare wood in your bathroom though, do make sure you apply a water-based, waterproof coating – it won’t alter the colour of the wood but will prevent the wood from staining. A great way to complement bare wood is by accompanying it with painted wooden cabinets, a little like in the photo below:


Moisture threat?

Many might quite like the idea of using wood in their bathroom but have second thoughts because of the threat of damp and moisture becoming a problem, however look at any ship deck or decking area and you’ll see that it’s covered in wood despite the constant transitioning between wet and dry.

It’s perfectly acceptable to include wood anywhere in your bathroom, however, as heat and moisture rise if you want to use wood on your ceiling then it’s recommended that you seal the wood with linseed oil or similar, before putting it up as well as having a secondary defence against moisture such as an extractor fan.

If you do want to incorporate wood into your bathroom but you’re not sure about using it as part of the structure (i.e. the ceiling, floor or walls) then consider adding wooden accessories like a mirror, toothbrush holder and general organiser for your toiletries. Try to be creative when thinking about how you can incorporate wood into your bathroom as it really can have a great effect adding texture, colour and warmth to a room that can otherwise be fairly stark and cold.

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