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What Does Wood Furniture Look Like Elsewhere in the World?

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

When travelling you learn so much so quickly about the world, its diverse cultures and its incredibly interesting inhabitants. You’ll discover things about yourself and the people of this earth that you could never dream of - you’ll risk it all and achieve everything. It’s a strange, enchanting and phantasmagorical world out there; from the Australian outbacks to the mountains in Tibet, from the Alaskan glaciers to the National American parks. There are oceans full of mystical wonders and mythical looking species that are yet to be discovered, ancient territories and forgotten realms - it sounds almost fictional! But it’s right on your doorstep. One humanistic feature that I have always been instantly drawn towards, is our innovation. Around the world, in nearly 200 countries, we have access to similar natural resources. Yet what we produce using those resources differs from region to region, culture to culture, religion to religion. Take our precious wood for instance… in Switzerland the Swiss architects use reclaimed wood to create the most luxurious and stunning chalets - mainly for the enjoyment of affluent holiday makers seeking escapism in the Alps. Or you have the tribes in South Africa who reuse their rustic wood to create shelter and homes in the form of African huts; thatched roofs and airy living spaces. It’s incredible to think that one idea of home is simply that - one idea. We each view our lifestyles in a different way to the next person, and so seeing how this one material from Mother Nature has grown into so many meanings, so many designs and so many different ideas to an incredibly diverse range of people, is something truly breathtaking. So what does wood furniture look like elsewhere in the world? switzerland SWITZERLAND Switzerland is a stunning rural landscape of snowy mountains and illustrious national parks, home to the high peaks of the Alps and the breathtaking views of Lake Geneva. The Central European country is known for its medieval landmarks, picturesque villages, ski resorts and of course their rich chocolate! Over in Switzerland rustic wood is used to build their fantastic Swiss chalets that sit high in the hilly terrains - for homes and tourist accommodation, these beautiful cabins are filled with reclaimed wood furniture and often kitted out with a hot tub/Jacuzzi and fire pits! thailand THAILAND Thailand is a vibrant country in Southeast Asia, famously known for its tropical beaches, opulent palaces, ancient ruins and its Buddhist temples. Thailand is often depicted as a place of freedom, tranquility and escapism - it’s easy to get lost in the immersive culture! Traditional rustic wood furniture in Thailand encompasses intricate and ornate carvings with historical and royal ambiance. In the cities you can often find wood carving centres that utilise reclaimed wood to create unique and original carved furniture - a movement to conserve authentic Thai arts and culture. south africa SOUTH AFRICA South Africa is renowned for its inland safaris, shrub lands and wild animal inhabitants, beaches, lagoons and the flat-topped Table Mountain. Being a third world country with rich abundance of natural materials and distinct ecosystems, many of the citizens live in moderate wooden huts. These homes are built with reclaimed wood and straw thatched roofs. Wood is one of the most environmentally sustainable building materials we have when it is repurposed and reused - the timber is sourced locally and provides strong structural elements for building. france FRANCE France is home to medieval port cities, quaint villages and a prestigious creative scene. Paris, is acclaimed for its couture fashion, artisan food and classical arts; the romanticised renaissance and bohemian cultures contributed greatly to the aesthetic of France. Rustic wood furniture is prominent in French interior design, with shabby chic styles being a recognisable look for traditional homes, including feminine shapes and regal dressers, white wash and pastel palettes, floral carvings and vintage panelling. india INDIA India has a vast terrain of Himalayan mountains to the Indian Ocean coastline - a diverse and multi-lingual country with rich religious culture and history. Because of the warm weather and humidity, it is common for residents to bathe, cook and spend time outdoors. Water is drawn from hand operated wells and leisurely activities are performed under the shade of canopies or trees. Wooden cabins/huts are used to sleep and change in, so are often small in the villages - though highly sustainable. usa USA The USA is a country compiled of 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii which extends the nations presence across the vast majority of the North American continent. Country culture including farming, equestrianism and agriculture is largely renowned, particularly in regions such as Montana, California, Arizona and Colorado where ranches are available as tourist accommodation as well as farming homes. The ranches are often made with locally sourced reclaimed wood to build stables, farmhouses, shelters, fences and lofts. chinaCHINA China is a largely populated and highly influential communist nation in Eastern Asia. The country is full of grassland, desert, lakes, mountains, sky scraping cities such as Shanghai which is a global financial centre and vast coastline. Traditional Chinese architecture is inspired by the intricacy of their mythology and religious beliefs with much of their furniture crafted from bamboo. Woven mats, low tables and carved wooden chairs with arm rests and painted cabinets are traditional features often depicted in ancient artwork and are now considered part of the Chinese aesthetic.

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