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British wood production is becoming popular once again

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Protecting the environment is near the top of many people’s priority lists nowadays which is why so many people either grow their own or look for locally sourced food produce and flowers. However, the majority still don’t look for locally sourced timber when it comes to furniture and or garden accessories. British grown timber lasts for years and is extremely sustainable and durable. In recent years the use of UK timber has dropped substantially, however, there’s now a huge movement that will hopefully see it being used much more regularly once again. There are several species of tree which are native to Britain and great for making garden accessories and furniture. The varieties include oak, sweet chestnut and yew; all of this wood extremely durable and hardy. Britain is also a huge producer of hazel which, although isn’t durable, is sustainable and still very popular for use in the garden. Dead woodland Over the years Britain's woodland has been neglected. Back in the fifties, the majority of woodland in Britain was protected as it was a productive and economic venture that the country relied on. However, in recent years the competition from imported timber led to Britain’s forests and woodlands becoming pretty uneconomic. This sudden change in direction should hopefully see a huge increase in the British timber production industry meaning that we’ll start to see a lot more British wood in our homes and gardens. Grown In Britain is an organisation that are trying to highlight the importance of maintaining woodland areas, whether it’s a small strip of trees at the bottom of your garden or a forest that’s been allowed to become unruly. Rather than leaving these woodland areas to grow out of control or allowing them to die off Grown in Britain is hoping to transform these areas into recreational locations or sustainable sources of commercial timber. Woodland Surprisingly, there are a few companies out there who have had the environment at heart for years now, but it’s only recently that their popularity has started to rocket. Eat Sleep Live are one of these firms and rather than using new wood to create our products, we handcraft furniture that has a story behind it with reclaimed wood from demolished British buildings. ESL table Take a look at our previous posts about the unique furniture and environmentally friendly approach that Eat Sleep Live have.

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