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The Eco Technology Show 2013

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

The Eco Technology Show is an annual event at Brighton’s Conference Centre that presents a collection of exhibits dedicated to the latest eco-friendly homes, cars, energy and gadgets. The conference itself is always full to capacity proving the fact that the green way of living really is something that everyone’s interested in. Nowadays technology is a huge part of everything that people do at home, at work and when travelling and the Eco Technology Show aims to convey the benefits of green living, minimising waste and saving energy in a bid to save the planet and your money. The Eco Technology Show is the one place where you can take a look at all of the new innovation and ideas while having fun and expanding your own knowledge. The show itself took place last weekend (14th and 15th June) and over 120 exhibitors were there to offer helpful advice and show off the latest eco technologies in a number of different zones around the centre including Eco Build, Design, Renewable Energy, Transport, Office, Home and Technology. One zone that was a particular hit this year was the Transport Zone where there was a whole floor of the latest electric, hybrid and other eco cars to be brought onto the UK market – like the Vauxhall Ampera - were being showcased. As well as a collection of the latest cars on the market there were also a few concept cars of the future that may well be hitting the factories soon. Vauxhall’s Manager of Environmental Strategy and Ampera, Ian Allen was there to provide you with an in depth look at the challenges that car manufacturers face when looking for sustainable ways to produce and run cars. One thing that made the day even more enjoyable was the fact that you weren’t expected to purely look at the latest technologies and gadgets, you were allowed to try them out and get some expert advice from the professionals at the Advisory Hub. It wasn’t just the small gadgets and gizmos that visitors were allowed to try either, there was a number of low emission bikes and cars that could be driven along the seafront in Brighton to allow people to really feel the benefits of eco-friendly transport. If you missed out this year then you’ll be pleased to know that The Eco Technology Show will be back in the same place next year, although a date hasn’t been decided yet so make sure you keep your diaries clear.

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