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Rate of deforestation in Brazil rose 28% between 2012/13

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Deforestation 1 Brazilian minister Izabella Teixeira has said that she’ll be talking to local authorities after it was revealed that between August 2012 and July 2013, the rate of deforestation in the Amazon rainforest rose a huge 28%. This coming to light is especially shocking as for many years now, the deforestation rate has been in decline year on year. During this period of twelve months 2,255 square miles of land were affected compared to the 1,765 square miles that had been affected in the 12 months previous. However, despite the general decrease in deforestation since 2009, a satellite analysis of the Amazon has shown that deforestation remains a huge problem as an area greater than the area ten times the size of the UK or “an area equal to 50 football pitches has been destroyed every minute” has been destroyed since 2000. Deforestation 2 Environmentalists and activists have blamed changes to the forest protection law during 2012 for the increase in deforestation of the Amazon for the first time since 2006. However, government officials commented that "the swing is not related to any federal government fund cuts for law enforcement”. Instead the rise has been blamed on criminal activity in the area where over 4,000 actions have been taken against illegal loggers in the past 12 months. Deforestation 3 Luckily, since the EU timber regulations that were introduced earlier this year it has made it exceptionally hard for any illegal produce to enter the EU market. This means that it has become almost impossible for illegal timber o make its way to the UK so you can be sure that you’re only buying furniture that has been sourced from legally logged wood. We take deforestation and illegal logging exceptionally seriously which is why we source all of our wood from demolition sites in the UK.

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