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Reclaimed wooden furniture helps the environment

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on


According to officials there are now 15 species of tree listed as ‘priority species’ on the endangered species list however there are many species on the list that aren’t considered priority. This is why throughout the world there are over 8,000 species of trees – accounting for 10% of the trees on the planet - which are threatened with extinction due to deforestation.

One of the main reasons for such destruction is because of the popularity of things like musical instruments and timber framed houses, but by far the biggest cause of such destruction is the production of wooden furniture.

Environmental impact

Every year millions of acres of the planet’s last remaining forests are cut down in order to support the demand for products like wooden furniture, however, many producers and suppliers of such products are more aware now than they’ve ever been before about the impact this is having on the environment.

In order to carry on the supply of quality wooden furniture without damaging the environment many specialist furniture makers are now using reclaimed wood as opposed to freshly cut timber to create their masterpieces. Even more importantly though, an increasing number of furniture producers are beginning to follow the lead of companies such as Eat Sleep Live, who understood its duty to the environment from the off and only use wood from old churches, schools, homes and other buildings that are due for demolition.

Increased interest

One company in particular have seen a 700% increase in the popularity of their reclaimed teak furniture as well as a 150% rise in traffic to its eCommerce site. The Garden Furniture Centre imports reclaimed teak furniture from Indonesia and has built up a huge collection over the years. Since January 2013 the firms pageviews have gone from 25 each month to around 180 in August, showing that today’s shoppers are a lot more aware of the effect that their buying habits are having on the environment and are therefore looking for environmentally friendly alternatives for their purchases.

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