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Sherwood Arts Week 2013

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

SAW_ESL           This week is Sherwood Arts Week celebrating local arts and crafts of the area. This is an event that happens every year, although this year is following a slightly different structure than usual as the week started with the opening of a Secret Garden at the United Reformed Church. This year is also the first year the organisers have released a Poetry Pamphlet which has been available in cafes, shops and waiting rooms in the run up the Sherwood Arts Week and if you’re lucky you might still be able to find a few copies around now. The Poetry Pamphlet is a compilation of the work of many local people – young and old – who have an interest in art and poetry, so if you want to see the creations of some of your neighbours then it’s worth trying to get your hands on a copy, but be quick because there are only a limited number available. Sherwood Art Week is open to anyone of any age and there are workshops running throughout the week for adults and children alike so whether you like jewellery, handmade cards or doll houses there’s something for all of you. Throughout the week there will be exhibitions, stalls, poetry evenings and music along with a huge number of other events aimed at celebrating the local art and artists of Nottingham. Sherwood Art Week is valued so much by the local community it’s run entirely by volunteers who value the meaning and purpose of all of the arts and feel the need to pass on their knowledge and passion to others. In a world where lives are so busy it’s important to step back and appreciate the arts for the beauty and alternative perspectives that they give us on the world. Sherwood Art Week is a very local event but the whole of Nottingham shows their respect for the arts in a number of events every year. Nottingham hosts a variety of music events dedicated to a number of genres; Jazz Steps for example sees a selection of the world’s best jazz musicians take to the stages of the Bonington Theatre and the Lakeside Arts Centre. The Palace Theatre quite often presents classical music evenings along with the Royal Concert Hall. Finally, there’s always a lot going on at Nottingham Contemporary from family weekend workshops to open mic nights, live music events and professional art exhibitions so there’s something for everyone.

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