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Use of reclaimed wood growing in popularity across the world

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Treasure_Chest_ESL The burgeoning trend of using reclaimed wood to create bespoke furniture is not just confined to the UK, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. A recent article published by the Asian news resource describes the increasing uptake of the use of repurposed timber within interior design across the world, attributing the material’s growing popularity to the ease in which it can be fashioned into “heritage-looking” designs. According to the article, wood from the most unlikeliest sources – including Indonesian shipwrecks, decommissioned US railroad cars and remnants of demolished Balinese village houses – is increasingly being used to create furniture and fittings. Brooks Atwood, professor of product design at New York’s Parsons University, says: “With the current trend in heritage-looking design, it's easier to do that with reclaimed wood. There is the sustainability angle, but you're also building in a story to your project." The eco-credentials of such practices are also playing a part in the uptake of reclaimed materials in interior design. As timber from trees that have already been felled is more cost effective for designers to source, many firms are adopting reclaimed wood furniture production as their main product line. Architect and interior designer Brad Friedmutter uses timber from old barrels and railway stock to recreate Irish Pub interiors. Friedmutter, who is currently working on a slew of commercial premises in Hong Kong and Macau, says that hotel and resort operators are increasingly interested in the idea of recycled wood. "Provided it is compatible with contemporary design, we always try to use it wherever possible, "Often reclaimed wood is a contrast material to a very sleek and contemporary glass and steel look - just enough to warm it up so it's not too cold a space." Eat Sleep Live has been all too aware of this growing trend and has been at the vanguard of the UK reclaimed wooden furniture explosion that has happened in recent years. Using reclaimed wood to make furniture means that consumers get the age, history, look and feel of an antique piece but the durability, design and style of a brand new item of furniture, all of which are desirable qualities for the discerning furniture buyer. For an examination of the pros and cons of antique furniture vs reclaimed wooden items, take a look at this useful blog post.

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