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UK campaign encourages consumers to buy British wood products

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on


The ‘Grown in Britain’ was launched last week to encourage Brits to avoid furniture products made using imported timber from around the world and to use home grown British wood in order to protect the forestry industry in the UK.

What was once a thriving industry has declined massively in recent years, the UK forestry trade almost completely collapsed resulting in 90% of Britain’s timber being shipped in from around the world. Whilst the situation is showing signs of improvement, many have expressed concern that the negative environmental effects outstrip  the economic benefits.

However, the fact that under stringently enforced legislation, only trees in designated areas that will be cut down, essentially reducing deforestation around the world as the demand for wood from other parts of the globe will be considerably reduced and therefore illegal logging should become unnecessary.

Not only will the Grown in Britain campaign help to curtail deforestation across the globe, it should in effect boost the British economy significantly by providing much needed jobs in lost industries like sawmills.


Nowadays, 40% of wood used in the UK has been grown in Britain, whereas just a few decades ago 90% of Britain’s wood was imported from around the world, something that deeply affected the UK timber industry and caused many job losses. This new initiative aims make the forestry industry in the UK much more sustainable and created additional jobs across the country.

It’s not just new British wood that’s becoming popular though. Reclaimed wooden furniture is becoming somewhat of a craze as it makes use of wood that has previously served another purpose, but is far from the end of its own life. For example, old buildings that are due for demolition quite often contain the wood used in their construction that is still perfectly useable. It's this wood that reclaimed furniture specialists like Eat Sleep Live use to create our unique and quality wooden furniture that has the history and look of an antique but the sturdiness of a brand new piece. check out our product pages for examples.

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