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How to accessorise your home on a budget

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

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A lot of people get bored of the décor in their home really quickly but a complete home make-over is expensive and something that many can’t afford. That doesn’t mean that you should be unhappy with the walls that greet you when you return from work though, and there’s plenty you can do to improve the look of your home without breaking the bank.

Choosing the right accessories is everything in the home and with just a few small changes you can completely alter the way that your home expresses your sense of style.


Be creative

Creativity is key when you’re trying to make-over your home on a budget. If you want to replace your current cushions then rather than buying expensive cushion covers, buy plain ones and design them yourself. This way, not only will you have brand new cushion covers, they’ll also be unique to your home and designed to your exacting standards.


Although the majority of accessories are affordable there’s no reason why you shouldn’t go in search of discounts. Online stores often have exclusive deals for online shoppers which are not available to their high street counterparts. Online sites such as Kelkoo round up all of the greatest online deals on products from top brands and make it easy for you to find them by grouping them all together in one easy to reach place.


Contrary to popular belief, shop’s prices aren't set in stone – even in the big department stores – and there’s never been more opportunity to knock the prices of your purchases down. The current economy means that shops want to sell all of its stcok and if there’s a choice between not selling an item or knocking 15% off and selling it then they’ll almost always choose the latter.

Don’t get carried away

When you’re getting something for nothing and having discount knocked off here, there and everywhere, it’s really easy to get carried away. That's why it's essential to make sure you don’t let this happen as you’ll end up filling your home with stuff that you can’t accommodate. However you choose to source your new furniture and accessories it’s important to remember what you already have and ask yourself whether the things that you’ve found will actually be useful or if you're just acquiring them purely because they represent a bargain.


The majority of people have a lot of wooden furniture in their home and this is what you’ll be trying to accessorise so it’s a good idea to check out our previous post ‘How much wood is too much wood?’, which contains a link to a specialist blog which identifies the perfect wood and colour pairings. Don't say we never give you anything eh?

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