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How to arrange your furniture to create a social atmosphere

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Table_ESL Deciding how to arrange the furniture in your living space is one of the hardest but most important decisions you have to make in interior design because it’s the one thing that will dictate the mood of your home. Most people aim to create a friendly atmosphere in their home in order to make it feel welcoming but creating this atmosphere is down to much more than the colours that you use and the positioning of accessories. If you spend time perfectly positioning your furniture when you move in then you’ll never have to rearrange it. Empty_Room_ESL

Start from scratch

If you’ve been living in your home for a while but you’re not happy with the layout then rather than changing small things gradually, empty the room completely and start from scratch. Starting with a clean slate will make it much easier to visualise the end result. Focal_Point_ESL

Focal point               

Every room should have some kind of focal point, whether it’s a feature wall, piece of artwork or your favourite piece of furniture - it really doesn’t matter. Your furniture should be arranged around the room’s focal point so thus providing a natural center and promoting interaction between those using the room. Sofa_Position_ESL


When choosing where to position your furniture it’s important to consider the natural flow of the room. High traffic areas for example, need to be avoided when positioning furniture because placing furniture in main thoroughfares will disturb the natural flow and create obstacles. You should also avoid blocking windows and light sources as this again will detract from the ambiance of the room. Accessories_ESL

Accessories and extras

The furniture and accessories that you have remaining after positioning your key pieces should be used to enhance the focal point. If you have furniture that you want to include but doesn’t fit naturally into the space then don’t force it as it’ll create an unbalanced feel to the room. If you’d like more information about creating a social atmosphere and the importance of getting it spot on then take a look at our previous feature, ‘Creating a social atmosphere in your home’.

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