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How to make your own Christmas decorations from natural finds

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

The majority of people would much prefer a natural, fresh Christmas tree as opposed to the artificial type that can be bought in shops. The festive smell that a real tree brings to a home is something that many associate with the Christmas period but there’s no need to stop at the tree when it comes to introducing nature to your home - there are plenty of other ways in which Christmas can take on a more natural feel. Sliced Orange Garland This Christmas forget about the shop-bought tinsel and baubles and opt for something personal, natural and hand made. At this time of year you’re likely to go for walks through local parks and woodland, as well as stocking up on fruits for special Christmas recipes. When you’re out and about keep your eyes peeled for any berries, fruits and other woodland finds which you think you could spend some time turning into wonderful Christmas decorations. Pine cones and twigs with berries are great to use to make a Christmas wreath and if you find berries but you’re not ready to use them then you can store them in a bucket of cold water in a cool environment and they’ll keep until you need them. Don’t avoid picking them until you actually want to start a project however because the berries are likely to be snapped up by hungry birds. The key to ensuring that homemade decorations make your tree look just as good as, if not better than, a tree that’s dressed with all kinds of high street buys, is simplicity. Don’t be too adventurous with your artistic projects, keep it uncomplicated and repeat the same look over and over again in order to create an impressive effect which everyone will envy.

Oranges are not the only fruit (but they do make awesome decorations)

Dried oranges make some of the simplest yet most effective Christmas decorations. They can be put onto wreaths and garlands or even turned into hanging decorations for your tree. Using oranges to create tree decorations will also ensure that your home smells amazing. Orange Decoration The way that you use oranges depends entirely on how you want them to look in your home. If you want to use whole oranges then you should start to dry them now. Cut slits into the orange at equal distances, put them on a baking tray and place in the airing cupboard where they will eventually dry out. When you put up your tree in December take the oranges out of the airing cupboard and decorate them with cloves and ribbons. As opposed to using whole oranges, slice them and dry them in the same way - although you shouldn’t need to dry them for more than 24 hours. Once they’re dry, use a piece of ribbon and thread it between the peel and the centre of the fruit. If you haven’t cut the slices too thinly then this should be stable enough to hold and can then be hung on your tree to look something like this.

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