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How to Make Your Little Girl's Bedroom Grow Up as She Does

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

As little girls become slightly bigger girls they can become very sensitive about being seen as "babies". So the bedroom they have been happily sleeping in for years can be the target of tantrums when they look around and see it as a nursery with the jaded eyes of an eight year old. You don't need to spend a lot of money to update a girl's bedroom, even in this modern age when children are increasingly aware of what is fashionable and what is not. Try these approaches to avoid foot-stamping from your little princess. [caption id="attachment_3462" align="aligncenter" width="464"]Little girls bedroom Little girls bedroom (source)[/caption] Empowerment It is never too early for children to get interested in interior design and maybe your daughter already has some strong ideas about what she does and doesn't like? So start off by asking her and making a list – even including unreasonable requests to turn the room into Cinderella's Palace. Then you can talk over each point with her, like a grown-up, to decide what you can work on. Break your list down into -

  • wall decoration
  • furnishing (including bedding)
  • toys and accessories
Let's look at the walls first. Paint and wallpaper can be expensive, but it might not be necessary to refresh all the walls to refresh the mood of the room. Is there a feature wall which can support a bold colour or printed wallpaper? [caption id="attachment_3349" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Bold colours will brighten up a bedroom Bold colours will brighten up a bedroom[/caption] Of course, if you were one of those lovely parents who decorated your baby's room with a mural of pretty cartoons, you will, sadly, have to consider getting rid of them! Get your daughter to work with you making prints for the walls, using sponges, or that old favourite, potatoes. If you're not particularly artistic, don't worry, stars are easy shapes to draw and look great in any colour. You could choose a set of contrasting paints in the mini-sample pots to use for your home-made prints. The added advantage of this way of decorating is that it will be completely unique. A nice way to instantly appeal to your daughter's taste and make her feel more grown-up is to get some big poster-sized pictures of her favourite films or pop stars and hang them prominently in her bedroom. [caption id="attachment_3463" align="aligncenter" width="480"]We're dotty over these spotty walls We're dotty over these spotty walls (source)[/caption] A new set of curtains can make a room look instantly different. And if you match the curtains to the bedding, it immediately gives an air of sophistication. An even cheaper way to make the bed look more grown-up, is to buy a nice throw to cover up any babyish bedding. Most children have accumulated hundreds of toys they've long outgrown by the time they reach primary school. You might be more anxious about holding onto these artefacts of your child's infancy than they are! It's time to bite the bullet. With your daughter, review all the toys and decide whether they're going to hibernate in the attic or be taken to more needy children at a hospital or local charity. Then you will have feel the glow of having done some good. The same goes for books. There's nothing like a pile of "Baby's first..." volumes to make a room look like it belongs to a baby. And most importantly, don't fight the pink! For more inspiration, look at this gallery of breath-taking bedrooms.

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