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How to get hold of the latest gadgets for free

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on


It seems that these days, a new piece of must-have consumer technology is released every day. However, with money being tight for a lot of people those so-called 'must-have' bits of kit are relegated to 'would-like-to-have-so-long-as-I-can-afford-it' items, often resulting in a long wait until these tech trinkets are surpassed by newer models and significantly reduced in price.

Although money is a huge issue, if you plan on paying the full recommended retail price for the latest gadgets - and your boss is unlikely to agree to a pay rise just so that you can fill your home with them - there are ways to get your hands on the latest releases without breaking the bank. In fact there are ways that you can have them all without paying a single penny. Here we take a look at how you can keep up with the latest consumer technology without taking out a second mortgage.

Free Groups

It might sound ridiculous but there are plenty of people out there who want to get rid of their unwanted stuff without charging you for it. Some of what's on offer – as you can imagine – is literally junk but on sites like Freecycle there are some real gems to be had. Whether it’s an unwanted gift, a bit of tech that someone’s grown tired of or gadgetry that has been superseded by the latest model, all sorts of gizmos are up for grabs, most of which are innately desirable to many.

Although the things on said sites might not be the most up-to-date versions, you’ll be surprised how new these ‘used’ items are and how quickly people seem to pass them on. Before you head out and buy your own it’s seriously worth checking out the likes of Freecycle because there are so many great freebies to be had. Be warned though, you'll more than likely be expected to collect the good yourself, so make sure you take reasonable measures to ensure your personal safety before venturing out.


Online Survey

Referral sites are another great way of getting your hands on the very latest in the technological world for absolutely nothing – although in this case it will take a little more effort. When you sign up to sites like this you’ll be faced with a list of lovely things that you can work up to receiving. Sites such as Xpango are all completely legitimate and they work closely with top manufacturers to bring you the latest gadgets for free.  All you have to do is refer your friends and complete offers and surveys in order to build up credits. These can then be exchanged for consumer goods, including things like tablets, laptops, games consoles and smartphones.



Perhaps the most obvious and easiest way to get your hands on the latest gadgets is by entering competitions run by magazines, newspapers and businesses. There are loads of competitions advertised on the internet all the time and if you enter them all as many times as you’re allowed to you have a much bigger chance of being successful. Prizes used to tempt readers/visitors into entering more often than not, are made up of tech bundles. How often have you seen a banner ad flash up on the web when browsing?

Be careful though - a lot of these ads are not what they seem and can be served merely to extract personal data from entrants which will then be used to spam their email inboxes. You can also be duped into downloading and installing toolbars and other software that you neither want nor need.

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