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How to create the perfect guest bedroom

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Creating a guest bedroom is something special.  It's a place of serenity, a home away from home that you hope your guests will fall in love with and remember.  A guest room is more of a design statement, but it also has to be functional.  You want it to feel like a luxury hotel room except with the warm and personal touches only a guest room can provide. A guest room should feel cosy no matter the size of the room.  We tend to select our smallest or out of the way rooms as guest rooms mainly to give your guests a little privacy during their stay.  An attic space is always a favourite, and if that is the case then let us recommend our Original Loft Bed.  Practical and beautiful, this reclaimed wood loft bed is ideal for a loft conversion or for those who simply require a lower bed. [caption id="attachment_5477" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Original Loft Bed from £730.00 Original Loft Bed from £730.00[/caption] There is nothing more enticing after a long journey than the temptation of fresh bedding.  Just the sight of it makes us want to jump onto the crisp white sheets and snuggle within them.  Treat your guest with this luxury bed linen featuring natural small squares embroidered on a beautiful white duvet cover and pillowcases. [caption id="attachment_5479" align="aligncenter" width="562"]Madrid Embroidered Organic Bedding, The Fine Cotton Company £55.00 Madrid Embroidered Organic Bedding, The Fine Cotton Company £55.00[/caption] A throw always finishes a bed to perfection, don't you think?  And your guests deserve a little piece of luxury such as this fabulous throw, made of incredibly soft wool.  With a subtle sheen and a silky, refined finish, this throw would sit beautifully on your guest bed, ideal for them to wrap up warm on a chilly night! [caption id="attachment_5474" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Monogram Throw, Kelly Hoppen Home £115.00 Monogram Throw, Kelly Hoppen Home £115.00[/caption] Decorate your dream guest bed with some statement cushions, be as bold and as brave as you want as long as it works with your design.  I think patterns can create a striking look, such as this delightful zig zag repetition pattern of stripes in a brilliant red and crisp white.  Taking influence from the New England style, the clean lines of this charming sham would be a wonderful addition to your guest bed. [caption id="attachment_5473" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Lexington Ticking Striped Sham, Occa-Home £49.00 Lexington Ticking Striped Sham, Occa-Home £49.00[/caption] Storage is a must for any guest to make them quickly settle in.  There is nothing more homely that unpacking and finding a space for all your bits and pieces.  The good thing about guest rooms is that you need to provide enough storage for their stay, but it doesn't need to be in the traditional form such as a single wardrobe.  What about placing a piece in the room that will wow your guests and have them talking about it for weeks to come?  This stunning cabinet is such a piece.  Expertly made by quality craftsman and master artisans it is inspired by some of our history's most stunning buildings. [caption id="attachment_5481" align="aligncenter" width="564"]Sapphire High Gloss Gold Leafed Cabinet, Touched Interiors £17460.00 Sapphire High Gloss Gold Leafed Cabinet, Touched Interiors £17460.00[/caption] Offer your guests a choice of reading material, whether its books, magazines or the daily newspaper.  These geometric woven baskets would be a great alternative to a magazine rack, as well as providing your guests with an extra space for their bits and pieces. [caption id="attachment_5476" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Set of 3 Woven Baskets, rigby & mac £48.00 Set of 3 Woven Baskets, rigby & mac £48.00[/caption] Don't forget the lighting!  For a soft and elegant lamp, choose something that has an air of romance about it, such as this 1920's inspired Paris Lamp. [caption id="attachment_5472" align="aligncenter" width="547"]Paris Lamp, Luku Home £180.00 Paris Lamp, Luku Home £180.00[/caption] What about the finishing touches, those little things that make your guest room extraordinary.  Take some inspiration for boutique hotels such as giving your guests the ability to make their own morning coffee.  There is no other aroma that screams 'morning' than a cup of freshly brewed coffee, but you don't need a peculator or a fancy espresso making machine.  Let them hand brew their own coffee with Coffeeasy with its one mug brewing solution for coffee lovers. [caption id="attachment_5470" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Coffeeasy, Has Bean £50.00 Coffeeasy, Has Bean £50.00[/caption] No luxury hotel room would be without bottled water, but don't do plastic, instead add an extra bit of class with this Vintage Glass Water Bottle. [caption id="attachment_5480" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vintage Glass Water Bottle, The Gift Oasis £8.99 Vintage Glass Water Bottle, The Gift Oasis £8.99[/caption] A guest room is also the ideal place to display a couple of your more quirky pieces, such as this vintage leather suitcase and camera desk organiser. [caption id="attachment_5475" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vintage Blue Leather Suitcase, Raspberry Mash £25.00 Vintage Blue Leather Suitcase, Raspberry Mash £25.00[/caption] [caption id="attachment_5469" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vintage Camera Desk Organiser, Berry Red £11.00 Vintage Camera Desk Organiser, Berry Red £11.00[/caption] And finally think about those personal touches, add some fresh flowers and even supply your guests with a selection of luxurious lotions and potions.  Personal touches can also be practical, you guests will be singing your praises should they be in need of a sewing kit.  Able to prevent a multitude of disasters this little box of tricks will quickly work its magic on your guests. [caption id="attachment_5478" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Vintage Crafts Deluxe Sewing Kit, The Contemporary Home £18.00 Vintage Crafts Deluxe Sewing Kit, The Contemporary Home £18.00[/caption] Allow your creative juices to flow and design a guest bedroom that you would love to stay in, but be careful, make it too good and you may never want to leave.

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