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How to organise your storage space effectively

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on


Although the whole purpose of a wardrobe and chest of drawers is to organise your clothes effectively, quite often these will be some of the most disorganised, messy places in your home. That’s why it’s essential to learn how to organise them properly if you want to avoid unnecessary stress and wasting valuable minutes in the morning rush. Read on for some top tips to get your clothes storage spaces in working order…



  • Wardrobes should be divided into sections. If possible, use several hanging rails as opposed to just one and use a single rail for trousers and skirts; one for blouses, tops, shirts and cardigans and another for longer items like coats and dresses.
  • Inserts are available that will compartmentalise your wardrobe. These can either be stacked at the side of your wardrobe or laid across the base and are a great way to store folded t-shirts, jumpers, shoes or other oddments.
  • It’s a good idea to group colours and types of clothes together too, for example, keep all of your jeans together, your black trousers together and your chinos together too. Then think about colours - black cardigans and black tops together and blue cardigans and blue tops together, this makes it much easier to find the exact garment that you’re looking for and you won’t have to rifle through your entire wardrobe three times before you find what you’re looking for.



Although drawers always start off tidy and organised they don’t stay that way for long and something as simple as getting the clothes that you’ve chosen to wear can become extremely stressful.

  • Set aside a deeper draw for chunky knits and jumpers – many make the mistake of hanging knits up which stretches the wool and leaves you with misshapen garments.
  • Create a drawer dedicated to accessories and jewellery. Or, if you have the room, two drawers are even better. It’s a good idea to layer the base of these drawers with something soft such as a layer of velvet or sponge foam in order to protect scarves and delicate jewellery. Another solution is a drawer separator which will create a number of small pockets within a drawer and will allow you  to separate out your accessories.
  • There’s really no need for casual trousers to be hung up so it’s worth keeping a drawer free for them too.

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