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How to remove mildew from wooden furniture

Posted by Mark Godsell-Fletcher on

Dining tableIf you find that your wooden furniture has grown a layer of mildew then your first thought might be that it’s ruined, however there are ways to save it.

Mildew that has been forming on your furniture for a long time might be slightly tough to remove but using a few common household items should see your furniture returned to its former glory.


The first step towards mildew-free furniture is washing the wood with water. It’s a good idea to fill a spray bottle with water to make it easier to apply it to the furniture and then scrub it with a dishcloth or sponge. You will need to do this several times before you’ll make any kind of progress and once you’ve managed to remove it you should dry the area either with a dry cloth or paper towel.

If it’s outside furniture that’s developed mildew then it’s perfectly acceptable to take to it with the garden hose in order to try and loosen the mildew, this won’t negatively affect the furniture and it’s likely to make the task much easier and quicker. Once you’ve loosened any dirt with the hose use a cloth to remove anything that remains, and then either leave it to dry naturally or dry it with a towel.


Once you’ve cleaned the furniture with water it’s time to apply a diluted bleach solution made from  mild bleach mixed with cool water and poured into a clean spray bottle. Once you’ve applied the solution to all affected areas leave it for around five minutes to soak in and then use a soft brush to scrub at the mildew affected area. Once you’ve scrubbed as much as possible rinse off the formula with water and if mildew can still be seen then repeat the process again until it has all been removed.


Sometimes mildew can really embed itself in wooden furniture and it can be a mammoth task to get it out. If this is the case then you’ll have to use a light-grit sandpaper to sand it off. Make sure you’re exceptionally careful when sanding wooden furniture as you don’t want to remove too much and make it uneven. It’s really important to do this by hand as opposed to using a power sander because they’re too powerful to only remove the affected area. Once you’ve sanded the mildew from the furniture you should rinse it with water once again in order to remove any dust build up that might have occurred.

If mildew has started to appear on your wooden furniture whether it’s because it’s been outside or in storage then there’s no need to throw it out with the rubbish because it’s something that’s really easy to rectify.

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